Sunday, May 3, 2015


NY Times tells its tale about this special election campaign  —   with no national Democratic support for NY-11th C.D. race, Gentile tiptoed around the Garner case  —  Donovan handling of Garner case supported by a majority of Staten Islanders, has strong backing of police unions and ties his opponent to other un-favored Democrats and agitators 

Gentile’s final campaign push on internet introduces one note of uncertainty  –  well-produced You Tube “Ad” emphasizes the Garner case and ties Donovan to it

The last few days of the race between Dan Donovan and Vinnie Gentile seem to contain a bit of a disconnect. The New York Times sees the Democrat Gentile as having failed to make any connection between his opponent, the Staten Island DA Donovan, and the Eric Garner case; while at the same time the Gentile folks were making an effort to do exactly that on the internet ( See “Eric Garner Case Goes Largely Unmentioned as Prosecutor Runs for Congress” by Alexander Burns, 4/30/15, NY Times []; compare “#itsgottostop - Don't Vote For Dan Donovan on May 5th  –  Vote Against Dan Donovan” by JoshPalerLin, 4/30/15 []).

How that might effect the last couple of days of the leading to the May 5th special election remains to be seen.


You’ve got to love it  —  “Two outstanding candidates”  —   “Two high-quality candidates have thrown their hat into the ring for this special election.”  In case you don’t know, the Staten Island Advance Editorial Board is talking about Dan Donovan and Vinnie Gentile....

Possibly showing a very subtle sense of humor, the SI Advance closed with this “...  This is Staten Island and fair-minded Staten Islanders have a good enough sense of who Dan Donovan is without such witless input from outsiders. And, by and large, they approve of the by-the-book job he's done. They have good reason to feel that way. ***   All the silliness about debates and lurid accusations will be forgotten by Wednesday morning as the leftover rubbish that it is. What matters in the end is that Staten Island voters turn out for this rare May election on Tuesday to choose one of these hard-working, dedicated candidates as their next Congressman. We think Daniel Donovan is clearly the best choice for this borough” ( See “For Congress: Advance endorses Daniel M. Donovan (editorial)” by SI Advance Ed. Board, 5/3/15, SI Advance/ []).

GET IT ?  —   According to the SI Advance,  IT’S ALL ABOUT STATEN ISLAND !


Oh ! By the way, James Lane is also running in the "Special" on the Green Party Line.


Anonymous said...

Everybody I'm talking to is voting for James Lane.Lane is Green and not a Queen.

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head in the last part Gale. It is all about Staten Island! That is how they feel and will shout it to any "outsider" who comes near them. Anyone from the Brooklyn side of the district especially Republicans would be crazy to support Donovan.

Anonymous said...

The sad fact is that like minded Staten Islanders will agree with this divisiveness and Democrats and Republicans alike on Staten Island will come out in droves to vote for "their" candidate Dan Donovan who has shown that he does not know much about the issues except that he will run away and hide unless he is allowed to mouth off talking points without further examination. Voters in Brooklyn would do well to emulate the SI model and forget about party ID and vote for Gentile for Congress to send a message to these buffoons.

Galewyn Massey said...


I don't know if I said, or even implied all of what these commmenters wrote above. However, I do know that you can't vote for both James Lane, AND Vinnie Gentile or Dan Donovan.

So, if lots of people vote for JL on the GL, that's a lot fewer votes for the other guys; and given what this campaign has been on both sides of the major party lines and on both sides of the Narrows, there's a lot good about that.

Galewyn Massey said...



ABC’s “Up Close” with Bill Ritter sitting in for Diana Williams held successive interviews with City Councilman Vincent “Vinnie” Gentile and Staten Island DA Dan Donovan

Gentile appeared first. Ritter and Gentile brought out that Vinne is the most senior member of the New York City Council. Gentile first got elected in 2003, then was elected again in November 2013 and took office in January of 2014. — "I love my job as a city council member, but ... there is an opportunity for me to step forward and take my experience -- 18 years of legislative experience -- to Washington.... I know how to work across the aisles. I worked in the minority when I was in the state Senate and I was able to get things done, and I can take that same experience working across the aisle in Congress and maybe change some of the culture in Congress," according to Gentile ( See “UP CLOSE: VINCENT GENTILE” with Bill Ritter, 5.3/15, Eywitness News/ abc7/ Up Close with Diana Williams [with video link] []).

Vinnie also pointed out that he had enough resources to run a “flash” 60-day. And that would have been plenty if the candidates had six (6) to eight (8) debates, but Gentile pointed out that Donovan has been ducking debates after the first one or two, six or seven times; and that included up to that very “Up Close” program, which ABC 7 had invited the candidates to do — Vinnie noted that he accepted ABC’s off to host the debate, but Dan Donovan had refused, showing that Donovan disrespected the voters and ABC. Ritter interrupted that line of attack by Mr. Gentile with a promise to ask Dan Donovan why he wouldn’t debate.


Bill Ritter never asked Dan Donovan why he refused to ABC’s offer to appear with his Democratic opponent in a debate format. BUT THAT WASN’T THE ONLY THING....

When asked why he wanted to be a congressman, Donovan said spoke about family, especially his mother and a new baby coming in May. — "My mother's 88-years-old and has dementia, and there's people in Washington who want to break their commitment with her about her benefits for Medicare, Social Security.... I have a chance now to make sure that those benefits are there for her family and for the families of your viewers and for the baby....”; and he stressed having a "chance to go to Washington and have an impact on my child's life and the lives of all the children...." (See “UP CLOSE: DAN DONOVAN” with Bill Ritter, 5.3/15, Eyewitness News/ abc7/ Up Close with Diana Williams [with video link][]).

Starting off, Donovan went on at length AGAINST his own Republican Party in Washington; and he emphasized how has always been “independent”form his party.

Ritter didn’t confront Mr. Donovan when he misidentified the ship taken by Iran as an “American” ship.

Ritter also didn’t closely question DA Donovan about the nuances of the “secrecy” of the Staten Island Grand Jury proceedings with respect to the Eric Garner case; also he missed Donovan’s re-writing of history about the “U.S. Founding Fathers” establishing the grand jury system followed in Staten Island.

Anonymous said...

A vote for Lane is a vote for Donovan and his people are banking on that. Whatever your party affiliation, if you live in Brooklyn and you vote for Donovan, it only makes sense if you are moving to Staten Island next month or sooner.

Anonymous said...

I've heard Lane speak and he is a radical anti american communist. Dan Donovan has taken no positions and will vote and do whatever Boss Molinari tells him and nothing else. As a Brooklynite who is also leery of "outsiders" I'm voting for a candidate who I disagree with on a few things but is hands down the most honest and decent person in the race. I'm voting for Vincent Gentile.

Anonymous said...

"Leery of outsiders" That is a behavioral disorder and its called xenophobia. You can get therapy for it or at least to ease your symptoms. I do hope you get to read this before Gale deletes it. We have a "dislike" / "not so much dislike" relationship and he woke up today (too many Mint Juleps perhaps while humming "My Old Kentucky Home" yesterday)closer to the extremely dislike continuum. Anyway, try therapy for your fear of outsiders. It will help especially since you live in Brooklyn - a county made up of outsiders. By the way, Gale's mad because he knows Hillary will win and he is annoyed that I invoked our Irish ancestral rebel heroes in support of her. Gale's a rebel at heart.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the "leery of outsiders" comment is a not so subtle dig at the snide SI Advance endorsement of Donovan this morning. "Outsiders" meaning that anyone outside of SI doesn't "understand" them so must vote for Donovan. I hope that everyone in Brooklyn follows their silly advice and votes for Gentile.

Anonymous said...

Another assault victim accuses Donovan Office of Corruption.

Anonymous said...

A vote against Donovan is a vote against the corrupt SI GOP leadership.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with post at 5:40. The SI GOP didn't recognize that Brooklyn side of District had any say in matter when legally we did. The got their bogus executive committee consisting of only 30 people who worked for officials backing Donovan. Of course they would not go against him if they wanted to keep their jobs. They voted for Donovan and immediately sent out a Press Release saying that Dan Donovan was the GOP nominee. Since they don't want or need Brooklyn Republicans,I'll vote for someone other than Donovan.

Anonymous said...

The corrupt SI GOP leadership needs to have a message sent, tomorrow will be the perfect start for what's coming to them.