Sunday, May 3, 2015

The very aged Hillary Clinton — as a Democratic Candidate — her age, health and physical condition are legitimate issues to discuss

“There is a thin line between seasoned and decrepit”                                            —  GOP strategist and former presidential campaign manager

Most important America needs to be confronted with a simple question  —   “Do we want to risk having another President with Alzheimer’s disease.”

How can an old-timer like Hillary represent a real future, just listen to Hillary’s many warmed-over liberal answers and all her leftover policies from past Democrat Administrations ?

So what will it be:  Is Hillary “SEASONED” or  “DECREPIT”  —   Is Hillary at risk for Alzheimer’s   —   Is Hillary just a warmed-up left-over

Yesterday, Reuters pointed out that with her “... campaign barely three weeks old, Hillary Clinton already has been attacked by Republicans on everything from donations to her family's charitable foundation, to her tenure as secretary of state and her ties to Wall Street. But her rivals, and the political action committees that support them, are treading more carefully on one incendiary subject: her age....  If elected in November 2016, Clinton would be, at 69, the second-oldest person to take the presidential oath for the first time, behind only Ronald Reagan, who turned 70 weeks after being sworn into office in 1981....  Questions of health and fitness for the presidency dogged two former candidates of a similar age, Bob Dole in the 1996 election and John McCain in 2008....” (See “On Clinton's age, Republican rivals imply -- but never say -- she's old” by James Oliphant, 5/1/15, Reuters News Service []).    

Reuters specifically pointed out that “...  Time magazine featured Dole on the cover asking whether he was "too old" for the job [of President]....”  And later on in the article, it’s author Jim Oliphant described exactly how the “Bill” Clinton Campaign repeatedly used the aged factor against Clinton’s opponent in 1996, Bob Dole.

The article went on to quote Steve Schmidt, who was McCain’s campaign manager thus:  "I do think age is an issue in a presidential campaign....  There is a thin line between seasoned and decrepit."


According to Reuters, “...  Democratic pollster Anna Greenberg said women older than 50 would likely comprise the largest bloc of voters in 2016....   There is little evidence that Democrats and independent voters are concerned about having another president in their 70s. A Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted this month showed that Clinton’s age would not influence how 67 percent of Democrats and 72 percent of independents voted in November 2016....”


Jim Oliphant, the reporter for Reuters, also pointed out that  “...rather than downplay her age, Clinton in recent campaign events in Iowa and New Hampshire embraced her role as a grandmother, striking sympathetic notes with other older women in the room about the responsibility of raising a grandchild.”  Oliphant also notes that Hillary’s supporters have also sought to dismiss any concerns about her age as “sexist,” noting that Clinton now is the same age that Mitt Romney was when he ran four years ago, and that Romney largely avoided any protracted discussion about his health.

Of course polls can and will change. And I doubt that Hillary is as hail and hardy as Mitt Romney.  Certainly, we will hear about Hillary’s repeated debilitating falls as Secretary of State, the most serious one which Bill Clinton had described in dire terms at the time.

Movement in the polls will almost certainly come, if the GOP hammers home the age issue in terms of mental health concerns about Hillary.  >>> Remember, the only President that was as old as Hillary will be, if she actually were to become a POTUS, actually had Alzheimer's disease. The age issue can easily be put forward this way  —   “Do we want to have another president with Alzheimer’s disease.”

Before anybody says that is farfetched, in 2008 Bill Clinton said that Hillary had a “Senior Moment” to explain away he confabulated story about being under sniper fire on a trip to Bosnia.


Marco Rubio is a quarter century younger than Hillary Clinton — that’s a fact that can’t be denied.  When Rubio announced his candidacy last month,  he referred to Hillary Clinton as a "leader from yesterday."  The Reuters report by James Oliphant indicates that sentiment goes down through Rubio’s organization.   —    A top adviser to Rubio says that,  "... [w]e welcome the contrast [with Hillary Clinton]..... This election is going to be about the future...."

Again, the GOP and its candidates just need to put forward a simple question like this: “How can an old-timer like Hillary Clinton represent a real future ?”  —   If you just listen to Hillary’s many warmed-over liberal answers and her leftover policies from past Democrat administrations, including some of those of Bill Clinton, you can tell what the answer to that will have to be.

However, until her very advanced age is thrown into her wrinkled old face, Hillary Clinton will just have to deal with the myriad scandals already out there.  That’s another one of the problems when an “old-timer” runs for office, you know.


Anonymous said...

I can't even begin to unpack the sexism and double standards throughout your post. It is blatant sexism that we witness everyday in the coverage of Hillary even in the mainstream media. Whenever a woman is strong, courageous, intelligent AND beautiful she experiences sexism. Beautiful and powerful women instill such fear and terror in some men - mostly Republicans. It is sad. Hillary by the way has more energy than a dozen military officers combined. Her inner circle cannot keep up with her we've been told. She is looking better than ever despite the right wing medias photo shopping of her. Yet it is comical how you've come full circle back to your initial mockery of Hillary. I believe it began some months ago with attacks on her age. You're spinning around in the rabbit hole Gale and you've nowhere to go.

By the way, there were all of six persons at your buddy Nocera's "rally" today. The loudest participant was that rotund bottle blond lady who never wore sunscreen from the Donovan debate in Bensonhurst. That is the debate he actually showed up for. At the debate she was screaming some racial epithet and declaring her adoration for Donovan and Ted Cruz. The Bean posted a video of her. Well there she was today spewing forth the same nonsense with her anti-Hillary sign. All we could hear today is how much she hates immigrants and loves Ted Cruz and Dan Donovan. Oh, and she wants Hillary arrested. I didn't know that people like her still live in Brooklyn. I thought by now they all moved to Staten Island. Go figure.

Galewyn Massey said...



Needless to say, anything that I don't like I will give the deep six, just like the six (6 – count 'em, a round half-dozen – 6) others from today and yesterday, which absolutely needed to be deleted.

In case you need a reminder, here they are:

1) “Hello above. You should not advocate... 6:31 AM on 5/2/15 ”;
2) “On this day in 1916 Padraig Pearse... at 5:42 AM ”;
3) “Look, everyone ! Captain Beatty from Farenheit 451 just came through. You’ve no right to delete my comments... at 6:52 AM”;
4) “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas... at 9:01 AM”;
5) “Ar an taobh istigh... at 10:31 AM”; and
6) “By the way, I notice Gale deleted... at 3:18 PM”

Of course, you do understand, don't you....

Anonymous said...

Where is that bucket of water. "Sexism and double standard" what is church lady going on all about now.

Then she attacks glen nocera's friend as "that rotund bottle blond lady" talk about sexism and double standards, what a fraud

Anonymous said...

Why don't you stop baiting me with your obsessive anti-Hillary posts Gale? You constantly write negatively about a candidate for whom I am volunteering here in Brooklyn. This is a GOP blog so focus on your GOP candidates. Most of your anti-Hillary posts are gratuitous nonsense. By the way, why do you thank me in emails for commenting and bringing traffic to your blog and then publicly here castigate me? That is odd and strange behavior.

You purposely had Nocera comment here about some dumb rally - oh btw, that you yourself told me in an email violates Politics 101 - but perhaps you forgot that - so that I would read it. You're very odd.

Galewyn Massey said...



My comment at May 3, 2015 at 8:57 PM was a clear and unambiguous expression of gratitude to one of my more fruitful and productive BSIs.

Nonetheless, your support or non-support of HRC is something that you have to deal with in your way, and I have to deal with in mine.

It's my Independent Republican blog -- for a variety of reasons, I do not support the candidacy of Hillary Clinton for president in the 2016 election. What I post or comment about her is generally negative -- that should be no surprise.

If in my mind your comments, or anybody else's for that matter, advance the debate, or are interesting and likely to prompt thoughtful responses, they remain untouched.

Admittedly, my process is somewhat subjective, and occasionally even arbitrary.

As for the lessons of "Politics 101" -- everybody should know that what your learn in a "101" course gets contradicted or refined into mush in the advance or graduate classes. It's sort of like -- learn the rules first, then learn the exceptions....

Galewyn Massey said...




Case in point — how Hillary responded to and decided to talk about the death of Freddie Gray and the general breakdown of law and order in Baltimore.

According to a report in The Daily Beast, “... The Bonfire of the Vanities came to Baltimore and, in the process, the Democrats may have lost their shot at regaining the Senate in 2016 and holding on to the White House.... We have been down this road before.... In 1968, Richard Nixon rode urban unrest and the failures of the Great Society to victory. Twenty years later, George H.W. Bush pummeled Mike Dukakis, a card-carrying ACLU member and the Democratic governor of Massachusetts, over weekend furloughs for convicted murderers, and won a third consecutive presidential term for the Republican Party, the first such term in 60 years.... And now the question: Will the voters, as opposed to the pundits and bloggers, side more with Freddie Gray or with six cops, three of them black, and one of them a woman?...
According to a Wall Street Journal/NBC Poll released Sunday, a majority of Americans and almost three-in-five whites blame the rioters and looters for the rioting and looting—not the cops and not the system. At the same time, 96 percent of America expect a hot summer ahead.... Message to Hillary Clinton: Law and order still counts....” ( See “GO AHEAD, MOVE LEFT —
Why Baltimore’s Bonfire Could Become Hillary’s Headache” by Lloyd Green, 5/4/15, The Daily Beast []).

It’s interesting that the Beast’s subheading is this: “After a brief hibernation, law and order is coming back as an issue. And what does Hillary Clinton decide to do? Praise David Dinkins....” (For the record Dinkins was the very liberal mayor of NYC, who like the mayor of Baltimore now was/is black — Dinkins allowed the City of New York to descend back into chaos after Ed Koch had brought some sanity and order to NYC).

In other words, Hillary Clinton has decided NOT to align herself with everyday Americans like she said just two weeks ago; but instead, she has decided that the HILLARY CAMPAIGN NEEDED TO MOVE TO THE LEFT END OF THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM WHEN IT CAME TO URBAN VIOLENCE — and to line-up with the troublemakers, lawbreakers, urban revolutionaries and most significantly with the rioting thugs in the streets burning their cities down.