Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dan Donovan immediately under attack for his first congressional votes

Donovan Puts Garner Case Behind Him, Takes Oath Of Office In Congress  

Democratic group blasts Republican Rep. Dan Donovan for voting in favor of late-term abortion restrictions

NRCC Adds Another Member to Program for Vulnerable Incumbents

The Daily News covered Donovans early days in congress like this: “On just his second day in office, Democrats are already attacking Rep. Dan Donovan....  The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which stayed out of the special election race Donovan won this month, wasted no time slamming the former Staten Island District Attorney now that he's elected....  The DCCC ripped Donovan, the only Republican representing New York City in Congress, for voting Wednesday for a bill that bans abortions after 20 weeks, despite saying in his campaign that while he is pro-life, he opposed new federal restrictions on abortion....” (See “Democratic group blasts Republican Rep. Dan Donovan for voting in favor of late-term abortion ban” by Dan Friedman, 5/14/15, NY Daily News []).


The News article, cited above, also showed that Democrats were able to immediately generalize their arguments against Donovan, following his vote to prohibit a particular kind of late-term abortion.   Here’s what they said,  "Instead of keeping his word to New York voters on choice, Donovan stood with his party leaders in Washington in an assault on women's health," said DCCC spokeswoman Meredith Kelly. "How can New Yorkers expect Donovan to look out for them if they can't believe a thing he tells them?"

This is how the News segued out of the main story line:   “ ‘The DCCC's attack Thursday will likely be the opening salvo in at least 18 months of attacks on Donovan'....  Jessica Proud, a Donovan spokeswoman, said the congressman said during his campaign he would not focus on social issues but did not vow to oppose pro-life bills...   Proud said Democrats' support ‘for unrestricted abortion through nine months of pregnancy is completely out of step with even pro-choice New Yorkers.’..."


“Donovan also voted in favor of a bill this week that would give congressional oversight to a nuclear deal the Obama administration makes with Iran....  Both the Senate and the House passed bills that would require Congress to sign off on the deal meant to limit Iran's access to nuclear weapons....  During his campaign, Donovan promised to only vote on a deal that would prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons ( See “Dan Donovan votes for abortion, Iran bills and Dems attack” by Rachel Shapiro, 5/15/15, SI Advance/ [])..

NPR’s coverage of Congressman Donovan’s first week emphasized that he is largely unkown across the country.  In any case, “Ex-Staten Island DA Dan Donovan may be best known for investigating the death of Eric Garner, who died after police put him in a chokehold. But now Donovan is trying to forge a new path in Congress....   As Congress debates Amtrak funding, they're joined by a new member from the Northeast Corridor. Republican Dan Donovan was sworn into the House this week. He represents New York City, including Staten Island....  (See “Garner Case Behind Him, Donovan Takes Oath Of Office In Congress” by Jauna Summers, 5/15/15, NPR []).  


Donovan was sworn into the Staten Island-based 11th District earlier this week, nonetheless,  “Roll Call” immediately reported on the nitty-gritty political aspect of Donovan’s life as a new congressman.  The folks at “Roll Call” pointed out that “The National Republican Congressional Committee added newly minted Rep. Dan Donovan to its Patriot program Friday, signaling to its donor base that the New Yorker is among the GOP’s most vulnerable House incumbents in 2016....   The Patriot program provides organizational and fundraising support to the House GOP’s most endangered members....  ‘After a hard-fought win in New York’s 11th District special election, Dan Donovan has proven he is able to run a strong and successful campaign,’ NRCC Chairman Greg Walden said in a release. ‘Dan is ready to hit the ground running in Washington and fight for transportation improvements, a better economy and good paying jobs.’...   Donovan is now one of 21 Republicans in the program. Democrats are seeking to net 30 seats in order to win House control — a tough task based on the current congressional map....” (See “NRCC Adds Another Member to Program for Vulnerable Incumbents” by Emily Cahn, 5/15/15, Roll Call []).

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