Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Synchronicity and a Quantum Leap into State Senator Martin Golden's "Once and Future"

Eleven Days ago the NY Post wrote "Skelos probe threatens GOP control of state senate"

In yesterday's edition, the same NY Post's NYS political columnist Fred Dicker detailed a Democrat plan to get a collection of photos Republican State Senators with their leader Dean Skelos  --   all of it part of the Democrats' plan to take over the State Senate next year 

In a sublime bit of synchronicity, City Councilman Vincent Gentile was mentioned in the same Dicker article; and Dicker was saying that somebody inside the GOP was threatening NYS Senators with primaries and/or working with the Democrats  ---  Oddly, Dicker didn't say a word about Marty Golden in any of it

Who knows what the future might bring for Councilman Vincent Gentile and State Senator Martin Golden ?   ---   Is there a dance in their future ?   ---   They certainly do have a past  

Those who  have followed this blog know that I have done a few posts about  Marty Golden and his pinned insect under the looking glass relationship with U.S. Attrorney Preet Bharara.  This post is not one of those.  Just remember, the past is prologue  --  all of it;  and yes, there's synchronicity in it too.


If Vinny [or should that be "Vinnie"] Gentile is elected to Congress next week, his first order of business will have to be how to solve the problem of all the flying pigs.  If he isn't elected, in the words of  Dorothy Fields,  he needs to "Pick [him]self up, dust [him]self off  ---  start all over again...."  This time for his old job as NYS Senator.   [More about all that Vinny/Vinnie stuff in a later post;  I promise.]

Vinny [or should that be "Vinnie"], this is the most important part of that song for you:   "...   Will you remember the famous men,   Who had to fall to rise again.  So take a deep breath;  Pick yourself up; Dust yourself off;  Start all over again...

Why, you've already done it a couple of different times in your political career.


[Now, none of this part is about Marty Golden, per se]   Almost two weeks ago, Carl Campanile did a pair of articles in the NY Post.

In the first, Mr. Campanile said that  "...   Republicans can wave goodbye to control of the state Senate if Dean Skelos gets busted in a corruption scandal heading into a presidential-election year....   [and]  ... corruption accusations don’t help the GOP cause in an already challenging political environment...."  (See "Skelos probe threatens GOP control of state senate" by Carl Campanile,  4/17/15, NY Post  [http://nypost.com/2015/04/17/skelos-probe-threatens-gop-control-of-state-senate/]).  In that article,  CC and the Post go on and say that,  "...   A huge Democratic turnout is expected in 2016 if Hillary Rodham Clinton is the Democratic presidential candidate, strategists said, which could impact races down the ballot."

The second was more of an insider buzz piece, which posited that the work of the NYS Senate would be shaken up as a result of the Skelos investigation(s), with an upstate senator feeding the buzz  (See "Dean Skelos probe has Albany on edge" by  Carl Campanile, 4/18/15, NY Post  [http://nypost.com/2015/04/18/dean-skelos-probe-has-albany-on-edge/]).

[Even Fred Dicker had nothing  about Marty when talking about the Skelos thing]  Fast forward to yesterday's Post and its Fred Dicker "Inside Albany" column [In my edition entitled "Dems going all out to skewer Skelos"]  ---    in it Dicker said,  "State Senate Democrats will unleash a “fierce campaign’’ to oust Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos if, as many Democrats and even some Republicans expect, the GOP lawmaker is indicted by US Attorney Preet Bharara on corruption charges...." (See  "Democrats ready to oust Dean Skelos if he’s indicted" by  Fredric U. Dicker,  4/26/15, NY Post/ nypost.com [http://nypost.com/2015/04/26/democrats-ready-to-oust-dean-skelos-if-hes-indicted/]).

[Still not a peep about Marty]  Also in that part of Dicker's column was word that  "...   Senate Democrats have enlisted the services of at least one photographer to take pictures of Skelos with other Senate Republicans, who could be damaged by the images in political advertising if Skelos is indicted....    If Dean is indicted, as we expect, there’ll be a fierce campaign to get him to step down as leader, as [indicted former Assembly Speaker] Shelly Silver was forced to do,’’ said a source close to Senate Democrats....   'This will be an opportunity to gain the initiative and, hopefully, gain the majority in the Senate next year,'’ the {Democrat] source continued."

[Marty Golden also isn't mentioned in this part of Dicker's coverage of NY GOP  State Senators jockeying to move up if Skelos falls]  What is going on with the GOP in the Senate ?    According to Fred Dicker, "Maneuvering by Republicans to succeed Skelos as majority leader has been going on for weeks....   Early out of the gate was Southern Tier Sen. Catharine Young, head of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee, as well as Long Island delegation favorite Sen. John Flanagan of East Northport, and Senate Finance Committee Chairman John DeFrancisco of Syracuse...."


[Marty Golden isn't mentioned in this part either]  What is eerily strange  about  Dicker's column , cited above, is that its next two sections dealt with  a) Democrat City Councilman Vincent Gentile and b) threatened Republican Party primaries against GOP State Senators that have not pursued a truly conservative Republican agenda once they got to Albany.   What with the strange synchronicity, Dicker's column was one of his best in a long time [which relatively speaking isn't very long at all].

Even though Marty Golden wasn't mentioned in any of the NY Post material mentioned above,  any talk about Skelos stepping down, new  leadership in the State Senate, Republican and/or Democrat,  talk about Vinny [or should that be "Vinnie"] Gentile, and worst of all,  possible GOP State Senate primaries are matters that make a difference for our Brooklyn GOP  State Senator.

As noted in my sub-headline above,  State Senator Golden and City Councilman Gentile do have a long history; and some of that history involves the State Senate seat now held by Golden.  Marty and Vinny have danced before, except that time Marty was the Bay Ridge Councilman and Vinny [or should that be "Vinnie"] was the State Senator.  Now, one needs to ask,  "Is there a new/old dance in their future."

There is more than synchronicity involved in all of this  ---  and I don't need to tell you about quantum leaps [We'll save that for another day or at least another post [or do I mean "Post" ?  Hmmmm !].


Anonymous said...

After Skelos, Golden, Heastie, Silver go, whose left?

Anonymous said...

"Synchronicity" and "Quantum Leaps" are you serious ?

We're tawkin' Mawdy Go-den here, not Scort Baaackyoulor...

Mawdy Go-den ain't no time traveler or quantum leaper.

Anonymous said...

You're onto something gale.

Cuomo is silent cause he is the last of the three men in the room left standing. You best believe that senior citizen Silver ain't planning on doing time and will be singing.

Golden should be afraid. Once implicated publicly he will become a high value target for both the GOP and Vincenzo Gentile.

Anonymous said...

Well well well I've finally figured out why Gale and his minion of knuckle dragging followers do not like Marty Golden. It is because unlike this blogger Marty Golden actually respects and believes in women's equality. Yesterday Senator Marty Golden said he was proud of the senate passing the Women's Equality package as the first bill to pass in the 2025 session. Marty Golden went on to say how important it is to ensure equal pay for women, stopping human trafficking and making sure pregnant women are provided reasonable accommodations in the workplace. To quote Senator Marty Golden: "The New York legislature rightfully has made women's rights a top priority." Oh how this forward thinking Republican from Bay Ridge must irk you nutty right wing sexists. Go Marty!

Anonymous said...

If Golden backed it then it was a political sell-out to those who would destroy the family so women can have their careers

Anonymous said...

No, that ain't all of it.

As a former vice cop before Knapp, Marty Golden dealt with sluts all the time, it was part of his daily "business routine." He doesn't believe in "slut-shame"; that's because with Marty it's all slut-business.

Nothing has changed.