Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Is Anybody Here Interested in the Danny and Vinny [or is that “Vinnie”] Race [or is that Show] ?

YOU CERTAINLY DIDN’T HEAR THIS  HERE, FIRST:  “Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan, a Republican, is left to cruise to election over City Councilman Vincent Gentile in the May 5 special election to replace former GOP Rep. Michael Grimm....”                                                                                                                   –   NY Daily News, 4/4/15

The only issue left in doubt in the Campaign for Congress in the Brooklyn – Staten Island Eleventh Congressional District  District is whether Councilman Vincent Gentile, the Democratic Party Candidate, spells his nickname “Vinnie” or “Vinny”

And [GM making a loud yawn sound] this just in: Gentile and Donovan expressed themselves about the Iran Nuke deal    Yippee !

I’m getting calls from this, that or the other brand of Brooklyn Young Republicans telling me about doing stints at the Dan Donovan Brooklyn Headquarters, near the end of the earth at 97th Street in Bay Ridge; and I’m getting nice and simple mailers from “Donovan for Congress” that really don’t say very much. On the other side of the fence, the grass is certainly not as green; and the word I’m getting is that the Bay Ridge Dems and the rest of the Gentile folks are moping around and angry at everybody, including me.

What does anybody expect about a race that has had no real sound and no real fury, and certainly has come to signify nothing ?

It’s no wonder that the Daily News has decided to throw in the towel for the Democrats (See “Democrats all but concede Rep. Michael Grimm's Congress seat to Republican Dan Donovan” by Dan Friedman, 4/4/15, NY Daily News []).  However, I do need to report that Dan Friedman of the Daily News unequivocally pointed the finger at Democrats for the presence of the large towel in the middle of the ring, saying, and I quote [Of course, there are quotes around it !]: “The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the House Democrat’s campaign arm, has quietly but completely thrown in the towel for the contest to represent New York’s 11th congressional district, which includes Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn....”

To show you how little real news there is about this special election campaign, the Brooklyn Eagle covered the News article above as if it were itself a news story (See “Report: Democrats giving up on Gentile in congress race” by Paula Katinas, 4/6/15, The Brooklyn Eagle []).  Now, under different circumstances, I might have taken Paula Katinas to task for doing that, but since that’s pretty much what I’m doing right now, that just wouldn’t be fair, would it ?  Besides, she did get Justin Brannan’s quote comparing the Dan Donovan Campaign to the Kentucky basketball team. Unfortunately, even Justin couldn’t bring himself to comparing his campaign for Councilman Gentile to Wisconsin, the momentary  victors.

Even the Staten Island Advance is having trouble coming up with stories that might make any of this stuff seem remotely interesting.  Now some might want to debate this last point about the Staten Island Advance; and they are welcome to do so in the comments following this post; and they should be sure to put in citations so I can have a chance to prove my point in a dull rebuttal about what I’m sure will be any insipidly dull article that might be cited.


According to an old buddy, writing in “JPUpdates”  –  Jacob Kornbluh:   “...Praising Senator Chuck Schumer and other New York Democrats who have recently defied  President Obama’s opposition to require congressional approval on a final deal with Iran, Staten Island District Attorney and Republican congressional candidate, Dan Donovan issued a direct hit on his Democratic opponent for enthusiastically supporting the framework on a final Iran deal announced last week. ***  Councilman Vincent Gentile, the Democratic candidate in the open seat for NY’s 11th Congressional District, applauded President Obama “for agreeing to a much-needed framework to keep Iran’s nuclear program peaceful,” setting the world on a “safer path.” Gentile stated that he is “cautiously optimistic” that the current agreement would lead to a “final, comprehensive long-term plan that will make our country, our allies, and our world safer....” (See “NY11 – Donovan: Gentile Is Out Of Touch With Mainstream Dems on Iran Deal"  by Jacob Kornbluh, 4/7/15, JPUpdates []).


Anonymous said...

Gail, by not tending to your own garden and doing your real job on your Independent Brooklyn Republican beat, you let the New York Times scoop you on a REALLY BIG STORY. Because I know that you had advance word of this story, if I was a different kind of person, I’d be saying “Way to go, a**hole.”

Look at the New York Times for yesterday and see a story by A. Burns, named, “Chris Gibson, an Upstate Republican, Starts Early on a Possible Run for Governor.” The story that’s there talks about how Congressman Chris Gibson appeared and spoke in Brooklyn, NY at the March meeting of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Stop doing the tit for tat with your Femi-nazi friend all about Hillary Clinton and cover real Brooklyn Republican politics. At least give the Brooklyn Republicans equal time.

Anonymous said...

It's because Hillary is more important - and more interesting, more relevant, more intriguing, more exciting, prettier (definitely) and her supporters are awesome. Gale likes us.

Haters Gonna Hate Hillary 2016 PAC

Galewyn Massey said...




Believe it or not, I was working on a feature post about that story and the NY Times article by Alexander Burns, because Glenn Nocera called me with a tip about all of it last night — the Times article was already done, so there was never any chance for a scoop by the time I got put onto the “story.”

Actually, there really is no call for a full-scale post anymore, since I’m doing this as a “RESPONSE...” to a comment. Also the Times “story” by “... A. Burns...” has already covered the Congressman Gibson-Brooklyn Young Republican Club event very well.

According to “...the New York Times for yesterday... story by A. Burns, named, ‘Chris Gibson, an Upstate Republican, Starts Early on a Possible Run for Governor.’...” — “Inside a Knights of Columbus post, far from his Hudson Valley district, Representative Chris Gibson spoke insistently to the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, urging the sparse crowd to get to work rebuilding New York’s depleted Republican Party before the next campaign for governor in 2018. *** ‘We have to do the work now to get our message out, to connect, to show that we have the solutions for this,’ said Mr. Gibson, 50, a retired Army colonel and West Point professor. ‘This is what my calling is now. I’m here to try to help our party.’ *** To many Republicans, Mr. Gibson’s quest to help revive the party also looks like a long head start on a bid for the governorship, or perhaps a seat in the Senate. But in campaign-style appearances, Mr. Gibson’s target seems clear: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo....” ( See “Chris Gibson, an Upstate Republican, Starts Early on a Possible Run for Governor” by Alexander Burns, 4/6/15 [in the 4/7/15 print edition of the NY Times], NY Times []).

The NY Times’ “... story by A. Burns, named, ‘Chris Gibson, an Upstate Republican, Starts Early on a Possible Run for Governor.’...” also goes on to discuss at some length Gibson’s opening moves in what looks like a long-range campaign to go against Governor Cuomo in 2018. In any case, since, as I said before, the NY Times has already plowed the field, why don’t you look there, see what it’s ALL about and glean all that you can from it.

“Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof....” – Matthew 6:24

Anonymous said...

way to go a**hole

Galewyn Massey said...


Is this the beginning of another BSIs rebellion ?

Anonymous said...

Odd that Nocera would rather "meet" with a congressman from upstate than meet with Dan Donovan who opened his BROOKLYN HQ on the same day and same time. Wow...

Anonymous said...

Donovan is not a Congressman, he's running for congress. Gibson is a congressman, and if he is running for something, it's for governor of New York State.

Besides, Glenn Nocera was at both events and he's met Donovan several times.

Anonymous said...

After Donovan wins he's never gonna step foot in Brooklyn, doesnt care to learn much and guy never takes the train said he doesnt have metro card because there is no subway on Staten.

Anonymous said...

What about the S.I.R.T.? It's part of the MTA; you can transfer from the buses; it's sort of half-NYCTA and half-commuter line.

Anonymous said...

I don't know just repeating answer to question he was asked.