Wednesday, June 5, 2013

“FIGHTIN' WORDS – Michael Grimm Calls Domenic Recchia a ‘Pathetic Political Hack’”

“Indeed, in a blistering, 5-paragraph statement tearing into Mr. Recchia, the Staten Island Republican [also] called Mr. Recchia a ... ‘complete empty suit’ and ‘another hypocritical, career politician … void of an original thought.’"

That series of particular quotes were the highlights, out of about five paragraphs of Grimm’s obviously heart-felt remarks about his most likely 2014 adversary, which were quoted in a Monday post that appeared in Politicker (See “FIGHTIN' WORDS  –  Michael Grimm Calls Domenic Recchia a ‘Pathetic Political Hack’”
by Colin Campbell, 6/3/13, NY Observer/Politicker []), with similar coverage in most of the dailies, including the Advance. Grimm’s derogatory comments were in response to a jibe by Recchia; that first was reported in the Yeshiva World News and the whole exchange between Grimm and Recchia was prompted by an article that had appeared in the NY Post involving Grimm’s refusal to support a bill to exempt a 9/11 First Responders Compensation Fund from the current sequester.

Mr. Grimm had better up his game ASAP; or else, he will be having a very long and hard time with Mr. Recchia  from now until November 2014.

In other words, the Republican congressman for Staten Island and the western tip of Brooklyn didn’t do very well in this exchange at all.

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