Saturday, February 20, 2016

Is John Quaglione picking a fight with Bob Capano ??? – If so – WHY NOW ??? – & – WHY THIS ???

TWO NYC COPS SHOT – Brooklyn Republican Bob Capano speaks out –  And then – John Quaglione says Capano needs to keep his mouth shut until some other time

Republican-Conservative candidates for NYC Council, Quags & Cappy, have quick Facebook face-off

Also this: Might there be a City Council race coming sooner than 2017 ???

I think that a line was crossed earlier today.  And I leave it to you to decide who crossed it.  And, if you think that more than one person did, then Riddle-Me-This-Batman:  Who crossed the line first ???

Just as Bob Capano was getting ready to sit down to a nice Saturday brunch of bacon & eggs, John Quaglione dropped in for a food fight with the Capster.

Those who follow this blog know very well that Brooklyn GOPer, Bob Capano, who is now well into his next campaign for the City Council seat now held by Vinny Gentile, had been very outspoken in his opposition to various proposals by Mayor de Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, especially during the last several weeks. So when Capano came out this morning with his –  “I told you so...” statement about yesterday’s dual police shootings, nobody should have been surprised.  On the contrary, it should have been readily expected and well-accepted by those of us who generally support good policing, and the NYPD in particular..

First thing this morning, Bob Capano sent out a “Media Advisory” that contained the following key remarks about the shootings -- and what Bob Capano considered among the causes for the shooting:
“....   In response to the news of two more cops being shot in Brooklyn last night, Bob Capano...  today demanded that Brooklyn democrats admit that anti-police rhetoric and policy proposals are emboldening criminals and creating more danger for our police officers.... Capano stated, "When do democrats in the City Council and other democratic leaders admit that the anti-police rhetoric and policy proposals of City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and the Mayor are creating an environment in our city that emboldens criminals and creates more danger for our police officers. It is unfortunate that Brooklyn democratic leaders are not standing up to them simply because they share the same party affiliation. I know that the residents of Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, and Brooklyn do not want to return to the criminal justice policies of David Dinkins and want to keep our communities safe." Capano specifically noted the silence of Assemblyman Peter Abbate and Bay Ridge Democratic district leader Kevin Peter Carroll. Carroll recently blocked Capano from his facebook page for challenging him to stand up to Council Speaker Mark-Viverito....   The City Council Speaker has proposed legislation that would clear open warrants on criminal offenders and de-criminalize many quality of life crimes. Capano has been leading an effort to rally Brooklyn opposition to Mark-Viverito’s proposals....”


What is quite surprising is that Bob Capano got some flak from an unexpected and even strange quarter – from the rear and ostensibly from his right.....    A purported conservative Republican took serious exceptionto what Bob had done and said in response to the Friday shootings of the NYPD officers. CAN YOU GUESS WHO THAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN ????

It was none other than one of State Senator Martin Golden’s most senior staffers, John Quaglione, who seems to have decided that this was the time and this was the issue that was ripe for a confrontation with Cappy.

Late this morning, John Quaglione responded to Bob Capano’s press release about the police officers’ shootings with this Facebook comment:
“John Quaglione  —  We are aware that the policies have failed all New Yorkers and the discussion and change must be made. Grandstanding won't change anything especially on the backs of NYPD officers who were shot. There is a time and place for those discussions....”


Bob Capano’s rejoinder to Mr. Quaglione was as pointed as it was quick, coming in less than a half hour after John’s original Facebook entry:
“Robert Capano  —   John...  With all due respect, this is nothing new. Unfortunately, this has been going on for the past 2 years! While i appreciate that you want to ‘then discuss the failed police policies put in place by our Mayor and City Council’, i have been and we should all have been for awhile now....”


It took Quags a half hour to come up with this:
“John Quaglione  —  Kevin Peter Carroll...”


Again, Capano was quicker on the draw, clearing leather and getting off a volley of shots like a flash:
“Robert Capano  —    John...  Not sure why you cite kevin peter carroll, a dem district leader above? In any event, two of my uncles devoted their lives on the NYPD and my brother was a correction officer so for you to say i am grandstanding is an insult. If this was the first time i am talking about the above you may have a point. But, i have been publicly saying the same thing for the past two years. In fact, you may have seen my piece in the Bay Ridge Eagle and Home Reporter on this subject a few weeks ago (when no police officers were shot by the way). I will never [apologize] for standing up for our NYPD- no matter the date, time, or events occurring. I look forward to hearing you say something on these important issues when you feel the time is appropriate. To me, that time came 2 years ago....”


Things have gotten very feisty, very fast between Messrs. Capano and Quaglione.  —  “The question begs...” [ I Love it, I love it, I love it !!!]  Why here, why now and why this ???

Maybe it’s got something to do with what follows:
One of my off-the-reservation BSIs recently sent me a snarky Tweet indicating that NYCCMVG’s office staff was buzzing about some imminent changes..... That would fall into line with the Post’s interesting little bomb about VG's going to the mayor with his hat in his hand looking for a nice little sinecure; with the by-the-way to his staff to get up to speed with their “Abandon Ship” drills. Now comes word,that several GOP and Conservative Party types are getting ready to jockey for another special election in Southwest Brooklyn.


Anonymous said...

Q who?

Anonymous said...

Jeb just set a world record beating John Conally and Guiliani

Galewyn Massey said...



According to the Home Reporter & Spectator’s Ted General [and a little birdie of my own], “According to a recent page 2 news item in the New York Post, City Council Deputy Majority Leader Vincent Gentile, also the Council’s longest serving member, has begun lobbying Mayor Bill de Blasio for a judgeship or a post in the de Blasio administration. Gentile and his fellow councilmembers recently voted themselves a raise to $148,500. Ideally, I’m sure he would prefer a judiciary appointment which would put him on the bench as either a Criminal Court ($159,000) or Family Court ($174,000) judge. Both unelected posts are set by the mayor and come with 10 year terms! ... The news that he is looking for an early departure from the Council has only fueled the efforts by Democrats Andrew Gounardes, Justin Brannan, Kevin Peter Carroll, Linda Sarsour and possibly Dilia Schack and Assemblymember Peter Abbate to run for his Council seat. Interested Republicans include Bob Capano, John Quaglione and possibly Tom McCarthy and Lucretia Regina-Potter....” ( See “Generally Speaking: Gentile looking for a new job!” by Theodore W. General, 2/19/16, Home Reporter/ Spectator []).

Needless to say, some of the people listed by Mr.General are positively laughable.

Anonymous said...

"The question begs." Ahh... The good ole days...

Anonymous said...

Civil court is also open.

Anonymous said...

Somebody else has to run, not the two losers.

Galewyn Massey said...



Whom do you suggest ??? Can you provide a name that anybody who reads this blog might recognize ???

Anonymous said...

That's the problem GM. You are always looking at people who have run and gotten crushed. Let's dispense with Lucretia right away, she is going on her 15th failed run or something. Tom McCarthy got crushed by Brook Krasny even when BK base did not go out to vote. Bob Capano got spanked when he ran for Assembly and was run over by the Gentile campaign. Quaglione fared even worse. It is time to find new people who haven't run before and haven't spent the last five years or more pouncing on every opportunity for elective office they could find. Does Bob Capano even plan on moving back to Brooklyn?

Galewyn Massey said...



I see your rule-outs, but I didn't see a single suggested candidate of any kind or description. Maybe you forgot that part.....

Anonymous said...

It is time to find new people. Pick them up off the street if necessary but it can't be the same old people all the time.