Friday, October 9, 2015

Very unusual coverage of a very unusual theory --- Obviously, it was placed in the media by State Senator Marty Golden or somebody on his crew

Cynical political ploy by Golden & Company perpetrates a hoax on the Kings County Politics blog  ---  And it also might be part and parcel of a conspiracy orchestrated to trick the courts in upcoming litigation by seeding a false background and narrative  

Oddly, article suggests a racial component  ---   AND  ---  At the same time, it says race won't be brought up in NYS Supreme Court or with the Feds

According to somebody that does the  coverage of State Senator Marty Golden and his faction of the Brooklyn GOP,   "In the aftermath of the battle between Bay Ridge Sen. Marty Golden and former Kings County Republican Chair Craig Eaton over control of Brooklyn’s Republican Party an elephant was left in the room that neither side appears anxious to exploit – namely that the inside arguing sideswiped Golden’s efforts to recruit more blacks, Hispanic and Asians so the party could be more diverse...."  (See "Ethnic And Racial Diversity Takes Hit In Brooklyn GOP Feud" [ most probably by Stephen Witt], 10/8/15, Kings County Politics   []).

Needless to say, the flaw in that statement, above, or the fly in the ointment, is that anybody connected with the Brooklyn GOP knows that there are and have been no "... Golden’s efforts to recruit more blacks, Hispanic and Asians so the party could be more diverse...."


One wonders from whence such a ridiculous notion might pop up  ---  the answer is clear if you jump to the last paragraphs of the KCP article.  When the article shifts to talk of lawsuits, both "Golden's camp" and  "a Golden source" are mentioned; and of course, earlier in the article a couple of  obvious supporters of State Senator Golden were quoted  [with one named "Brandon Washington," actually being identified as "a Golden supporter" in the text].

It is interesting that Stephen Witt's reporting initially focused on Brandon Washington, as follows:   "....   'I don’t think they (proxies) were thrown out simply because a majority of them were from minorities,'   said Brandon Washington, the African-American president of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club and a Golden supporter. 'At the end of the day, they were the casualties of war, but it makes the GOP look bad as well.'...    Washington, who is not a district leader or part of the county committee picking the new chair, said while Eaton’s camp is more traditional in its GOP makeup, Golden did an excellent job of reaching out to the minority and immigrant community...."

Unfortunately, Mr. Washington has virtually no history or background with the Brooklyn GOP; and he certainly has no knowledge of its attempts to reach out and establish diversity of the sort he attributed to State Senator Martin Golden.  In fact, Mr. Washington is a relative newcomer to the fold of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, becoming  Club President on June 28, 2015 and having served as any kind of  club officer since only 2014.  He was put forward for all his positions in the Brooklyn Young Republican Club by Glenn Nocera, a longtime Golden loyalist, who took an active hand in both of Golden's attempts to take over the Brooklyn GOP, being especially active during both the 2013 and 2015 Kings County Republican conventions. In addition, Nocera himself telegraphed this race angle ploy right after the 2015 Brooklyn GOP Convention [See sub-section below,  "GLENN NOCERA QUOTED ON THE SAME TOPIC SHORTLY AFTER THE CONVENTION"].

The descriptions of State Senator Golden's efforts at ethnic outreach are so threadbare as to be laughable.   This line is quite telling:   "....  Golden [ ] recently made a trip to Bedford-Stuyvesant to meet with African-Americans to try to get more to join the Republican Party...."  Seriously,  I mean SERIOUSLY ! ! !   Four years of Golden's and his faction's organizing to take over the Brooklyn GOP ---  and he "RECENTLY"  managed one  "... trip to Bedford-Stuyvesant to meet with African-Americans..."  [I deleted the word "also" from the  quote above because it made no sense ---  it is an error of syntax because there was nothing to which "also" might correlate.]   Another hollow  and meaningless claim is this one:  "....  Golden  [ ] regularly holds events with the Asian community in his district...."   It's a hollow and  meaningless claim, because none of those "events with the Asian community" were part of any partisan outreach to increase the depth and diversity of the Brooklyn GOP.


In spite of the disclaimer to the contrary, "....    While many minorities had their proxies tossed out, sources in Golden’s camp said they will continue to pursue the matter in state Supreme Court to have the proxies counted on merit, and don’t expect to take the issue to the federal Justice Department, as Brooklyn is deemed a special voting rights district....   It goes against the values of what Republicans stand for to make a racial issue from this, said a Golden source...."

A similar pattern was followed in 2013, when the Golden faction tried litigating the matter in the press before they brought it into court.


Interestingly, the Courier Life-Brooklyn Daily's report on the Brooklyn GOP Convention quoted Glenn Nocera saying much the same thing as the "Kings County Politics" post, but that was right after the convention ---   "....  More than a slap in the face to Golden, the move disenfranchised voters, particularly people of color — whom the national party is actively courting — who overwhelmingly cast their lot with Golden and Ghorra, Nocera said....   'A large amount of these proxies were African-American and Spanish Republicans who are not getting their voices heard,'  Nocera said. 'We’re supposed to be inclusive in a sort of big tent way.'..."  (See " Parting shot: Eaton allies smack Golden as GOP chairman departs'"  by Max Jaeger, 10/5/15,  Courier Life - Brooklyn Daily []).


Anonymous said...

It's all over but the shouting. Enjoy Chairman Arnaldo for the next two years.

Anonymous said...

Meet Marty Golden, the Great White Father who reaches across the racial divide to heal all wounds and bring all the children of the world together in racial harmony, regardless of creed or color.

What bullshit.

Marty practically has to don a HazMat suit to go anywhere but white, Irish/Italian neighborhoods in places like Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst. He's got a 1950s cop's attitude about people of color. And we all know how that works.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely absurd, both in 2013 and 2015 Senator Golden complained to everybody in sight that the County Committee vote was being taken at the Remsen Hall, because it was in a bad neighborhood and none of his County Committee delegates would go there. Remsen Hall is deep in East Flatbush near East New York and Brownsville. Does that sound like somebody whose interested in any kind of community or "ethnic" outreach/

Anonymous said...


"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a Bay Ridge where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their Bay Ridge character."

"Injustice anywhere in Bay Ridge is a threat to justice everywhere in Bay Ridge."

"I want to be the Bay Ridge man's brother, not his brother-in-law."

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Blog Justin and Bay Ridge Democrats. Most of you have government jobs where you should do the tax payers a favor and actually work instead of trolling Twitter and the blogs every day.

Anonymous said...

Arnaldo "County Chair for Life" Ferraro will crush his opposition like grapes !!

Anonymous said...

Ted Ghorra is bragging about having served on a vacancy committee as proof of his political involvement. Where does Marty find these clowns? At least Timmy Cochran could sell hot dogs.

Galewyn Massey said...


Although I haven't seen any of the filings, I've been told by one of my BSIs that the Golden crowd is going with Vincent Messina, to try and reverse the terrible in Court result from 2013.

For the defendants Arnaldo Ferraro & Company it looks like it will be long-time election lawyer, Ezra Glaser.

A second source on that tip would be appreciated.....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What time is Senator Golden's speech on Indigenous People today?

Anonymous said...

Ask John Quaglione, I think Marty & Jerry named him the State Senator's Indigenous Peoples Coordinator. Presently, I think he is focusing on Trobriand Islanders living in the 22nd S.D., even though Marty believes that they are no longer "Indigenous People" and should be part of a group called "Special Pacific Immigrants, Documented or Undocumented," but I think Quaglione is in charge of them too.

Anonymous said...

I can see Quaglione standing on an ice flow, wearing a parka, with an ice spear in his hand. He'd have better luck spearing fish than ever getting elected to public office.