Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Glenn Nocera trial balloon is not a signal for a happy Brooklyn GOP for most observers — regardless of whether they are for or against the current Chairman, Craig Eaton

The article that appeared yesterday in the “Kings County Politics” blog says  —   “....  Glenn Nocera announced [ ] that he is seriously considering taking on Kings County Republican Chair Craig Eaton for the party’s reins at next month’s reorganizational meeting....”

According to the “Kings County Politics” blogs,  “Seeking to invigorate Brooklyn’s fractured GOP,  Glenn Nocera announced yesterday that he is seriously considering taking on Kings County Republican Chair Craig Eaton for the party’s reins at next month’s reorganizational meeting....  Nocera, a lifelong Kensington resident, chairs the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, is its’ former president, and is the Republican District Leader for the 44th Assembly district. He ran unsuccessfully against Dov Hikind for the assembly seat in 1998, and against Kevin Parker for the state senate in 2008....”  ( See “Brooklyn GOP Leadership Struggle: Nocera Challenges Eaton For County Chair” by ? ? ?,  8/18/15, Kings County Politics []).

Based on sources close to the newly announced prospective Kings County Republican Party Chairman, Glenn Nocera specifically timed his announcement to come out on the “Kings County Politics” blog prior to the monthly meeting of the Kings County Republican Executive Committee meeting.  To be certain that the matter would be an item of discussion at the meeting, Nocera himself placed strategic phone calls to certain individuals that he felt would be likely to attend the meeting.


Reports back from the Executive Committee meeting indicated that -- for the most part, Nocera's announcement was not taken seriously.  Even some of the 44th A.D. members at the Executive Committee meeting  were somewhat dismissive of Nocera's opening gambit.

In addition, one of Brooklyn's more venerable political consultants said that his inquiries indicated that the Golden faction was neither behind the Nocera announcement nor ultimately likely to be supportive of his candidacy.


Glenn Nocera had told me before either last night’s Executive Committee meeting or the post that appeared in the “Kings County Politics” blog, that his run against Eaton would be contingent upon the ABSENCE of any other challenger to Eaton that Nocera believed might be in a better position to win the chairmanship of the party.

An interesting proposition for Glenn was the possibility of backing Lucretia Regina-Potter, a State Committee Member in the 46th A.D.; however when he had last the matter with her, she had insisted that Arnaldo Ferraro, former member of the NYS Assembly, former Member of the GOP State Committee, Executive Vice Chairman of the KCRP and  founder of the Fiorello LaGuardia Club had to be the next County Chairman for the La Guardia Club to back the effort.

Inasmuch as Glenn Nocera has long been associated with Gerry Kassar (???) and the GOP faction backed by State Senator Marty Golden, I asked Nocera if he had the support of any of them.  He was evasive on the point, but he said to me that they knew what he was doing and that nobody had told him that they were opposing him.

During a conversation earlier today (Wednesday), Glenn Nocera specifically noted that he considered former mayoral candidate and Brooklyn Republican, Joseph Lhotta, a person who could lead the Brooklyn GOP.  Nocera also mentioned that he had conversations about Lhotta’s being the Kings County Republican Chairman at various times.  Nocera, stated that if Lhotta’s name were to be put forward at almost any stage of the proceedings to select the GOP chairman for 2015-2016, Nocera would be likely to support him —  even if Nocera’s own name was being considered at the time. When I asked Glenn if he was a stalking-horse for Joe Lhotta, Glenn said that he was never asked to do that and he didn’t consider himself a stalking-horse for any other candidate, named or un-named.

My recent prior conversations with Chairman Craig Eaton indicated that he believes that he has the support of many members of the County Committee, just like he did in 2013.  He expects that number to climb on Primary Day and in the days before the 2015 GOP County Convention, as a result, he is relatively confident that he will be re-elected to another term as GOP County Chairman.

I have sought a comment from Eaton about the Nocera announcement; however, Mr. Eaton has not been available to be interviewed on that issue since the announcement.


Although I don’t support Glenn Nocera at this time, I believe that he has the requisite GOP  background to run for County Chairman. On the other hand, although I have been an often-time critic of Chairman Craig Eaton, he does articulate several legitimate arguments for continuing to allow him to operate as the CEO of the KCRP.


End Note: A former BSI contributor to this blog claimed authorship of an article concerning the Brooklyn GOP Chairmanship, indicating that the former BSI’s  impersonator “Galewyn Massey” had written the article....  My conversations with Glenn Nocera indicated that the most likely author of the blog piece in the “Kings County Politics,” cited in my post above, was Steve Witt, without any apparent contribution by any former BSI contributors of my blog.


Anonymous said...

Gale, this is even funnier than the Tim Cochrane for County Chair effort. Glenn is an over 40, "young republican", who has published various Nocera tapes which show him singing either in a drunken or some other type of induced stupor. I cannot wait till those tapes start to surface again - everyone will get a good laugh.

Nobody really takes this College Security Officer (or as Joe Lhota would refer to him sort of as a "Mall Cop") serious. He is a buffoon at the very best. And now he is trying to depict himself as a king maker and say he would throw his support behind Lhota? I wonder what Lhota will say when he sees or hears this. I am sure Lhota would not want to be a County Chair. And Glenn works nights? He hasnt attended a GOP Meeting once in the last two years. What is he going to run the meetings out of his basement during the day, when he is not recording music? Glenn, time to grow up, put your big boy pants on and get a life......maybe even become a real cop?

I am not even sure he could be a County Chair with his present job, under the Taylor Act. Maybe someone should check with the NYC Police Department Inspector General's office and report back on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I met Mr Nocera a couple years back, and I am very excited to hear that he might be running for county Chairman. Mr Nocera is one of the most kindest people you could ever meet in politics and would represent our party well as Chairman. It is time to give someone else a chance to rebuild our party in Kings County. Lord knows we need a rebuilding.

Anonymous said...

I only seen a few names mentioned for the spot of County Chairman. They are Craig Eaton, Glen Nocero and Joseph Lohtta. Aren't there others?

Anonymous said...

Surely there must be other viable candidates besides Glenn and Lucretia. I mean seriously? This is what it has come to?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Joe Lhota, who has never been active in Republican politics in Brooklyn, never joined his local club, and ran what is considered the worst mayoral campaign in generations, is just what we need. The guy micromanaged his own mayoral race to the point of silliness.

Anonymous said...


Funniest thing I have heard in a long time!

Anonymous said...

Joe Lhota? Are you kidding me? Brooklyn GOP, we're doomed!

Anonymous said...

Not the greatest fan of Craig Eaten. That being said, I will take him over a Goldan/Kassar puppet. That's right, if you think they are not behind this then you're stupider than I thought. There so cold non-involvement is them playing safe for now in case it blows up in their face like Timmy Cochran

Anonymous said...

Nocera's career is irrelevant here. He's a hard-working and passionate guy, and that's all that matters. One of the many problem's in the Brooklyn GOP is the incessant character assassination. Decide if Glenn is right for the position based on the RELEVANT merits. I won't go so far as to endorse him, but Eaton has now completed 8 years, which should give virtually everyone reason to look for a new chair. Ten years is too long, irrespective of precedent, it's just too long.

Anonymous said...

Noccera's career is relevant is he is putting him up for this job. If he was passionate, he wouldn't be a security officer (that's lower than Lhota's mall cops). Passionate people are leaders in their profession.

Eaton is a decent person and every Republican needs to get behind him instead of being divisive with others in the party.

Anonymous said...

What does any of this have to do with Hillary?

Galewyn Massey said...

Now, that's my kind of comment maker.....

Anonymous said...

The Washington Post and New York Times are breaking stories on Hillary scandal daily. The State Department spokesman stated he cant comment on Hillary and went on to list 3 or 4 pending investigations. Is that Orange jumpsuit she wears just prepping for prison attire?

Anonymous said...

When Joe "1%" Biden becomes a player you know the party is desperate

Anonymous said...

Just to inform you all Glenn is not a security officer, he is a Peace Officer, like what your court officers are and Bridge and Tunnel police are, so get your facts straight also he is a Auxiliary Police sgt for 20 years which is a VOLUNTEER police officer for the NYPD and he was a 9/11 First responder, and puts his life on the line every time he puts his uniform on.

Galewyn Massey said...



— “Craig Eaton is an attorney and Chairman of the Kings County Republican Party (Brooklyn) New York City. Mr. Eaton works closely with all elected officials to assist the residents of Brooklyn. He is the former Chairman of Community Board Ten in Brooklyn, where he previously served as Zoning Chairman. Chairman Eaton presided over the few Republican victories in the City, City Council and Congress. Eaton is considered to be one of the most effective County Chairs in the State....”

Before I answer the question, let me ask a few pertinent or is it impertinent questions:

Did Craig Eaton have a hand in this wording – or – did he approve of it ?

Is this part of Eaton’s “campaign” to hold onto the chairmanship of the Kings County Republican Party ?

Whether it’s part of any plan by Eaton or not, is it the kind of thing that will make any difference at this stage ?

Is this the best way for John Catsimatidis to help Craig Eaton hold onto his leadership of the Brooklyn GOP ?

OK --- My last question was a major hint.

The Craig Eaton “Bio” above appeared in an E-mail promo entitled “Cats' Roundtable Guests Sunday?” It's for the broadcast “... Sunday August 23, 2015 – Cats' Roundtable Radio Program – New York's #1 Sunday morning radio program – 8:30AM - 10AM – tune to radio 970AM New York...” (See []).

Craig Eaton will be one of John Catsimatidis’ guests; and Eaton will be talking about the “State of the Brooklyn Republican Party.”

Anonymous said...

Glenn is a security guard at Brooklyn College. Period.