Thursday, August 6, 2015

Look what the New York State Republican Party did when almost nobody was looking — It rigged the selection of delegates to be ready for a “BROKERED” 2016 GOP National Convention

In 2016 New York State Republican Voters will have  >>>NO REAL SAY<<<  in selecting the GOP Presidential Candidate  —   Under the new New York State GOP rules for picking delegates, the Presidential Primary is a farce for most NYS Republicans  

For the NYS-GOP it’ll be a  virtual “beauty contest” primary 

The NYS-GOP has rigged the selection of delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention with the “Rob Cole Rule” 

SO  —  WHO DOES THIS FAVOR ? ? ?   —   TRUMP ?   BUSH ?  SOMEBODY ELSE ?   —  YOU, TELL ME ! ! !

According to an article by Jimmy Vielkind penned back in June, “... members of the Republican State Committee are expected to adopt new rules for the 2016 primary here that will give the state party the ability to pick who is formally designated as a convention delegate, as opposed to the various presidential campaigns....  ‘We're calling it the “Rob Cole rule,” ’ one Republican leader, speaking on background, said.... [C]andidates' names—not delegates—will appear on the ballot, and in a break from 2012, the various campaigns will not have to file lists of people backing their effort with the state Board of Elections. Instead, ‘local Republican leaders and party faithful will pick the delegates—not the candidates themselves.’...   The delegates will be pledged to the winning candidate on the first ballot, but will be free to select whomever they choose in the unlikely event of a second convention ballot....”
(See “After a scuffle, state G.O.P. to change delegate rules for 2016 ” by Jimmy Vielkind, 6/1/15, PoliticoNewYork beta/ []). (NOTE: this article was written before the rules change....)

According to the Vielkind piece, here are some of the great reasons to adopt the changes — which, in effect, disenfranchise rank-’n’- file Republicans in New York State:

— “The delegate positions are like a reward for the party faithful: the people doing the work at the grassroots level day to day....”

— “The new system would make things easier for campaigns, who are not eager to spend time and effort compiling delegate lists....”

—  “It's smart to guarantee that people who need to go get to go, and it helps campaign in the future avoid the hassle....”


The fact is that these rules were passed with an eye toward the possibility that the 2016 National Republican Convention might be a brokered deal, which might involve some real “horse trading,” on the floor and behind the scenes —  AND — Who wants delegates “committed” to particular candidates getting in the way of any of that ?

You don’t have to believe me. Several of the nefarious possibilities were gone over in a NY Post article that was also published back in June, right after the rules changes were enacted ( See “New York GOP’s 2016 power grab” by  J.G. Collins, 6/9/15, NY Post []). (NOTE: this article was written after the rules change....)


Anonymous said...

Since delegates are "committed" only through the first ballot, the large field of GOP candidates almost requires a second or third ballot. Look for NY'S Senate GOP braintrust to encourage NY Delegates to go for a bathroom break or take an early lunch when the first ballot rolls around.

Anonymous said...

This hands the delegates to Bush.

100 million dollar PAC gets results

Anonymous said...

first comment has it nailed. the entire ny delegation shows up and takes a shit at the same time.