Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hillary’s medical statement, released yesterday, shows why we need the complete medical records

Since she saw the need for a “Doctor’s Note” to tell us that she’s healthy enough to run for POTUS  — WHERE ARE HILLARY CLINTON’S ACTUAL MEDICAL RECORDS

People need to be especially suspicious when Ms. Super-secretive, aka  Hillary Rodham Clinton, gives away any information  >>>  case in point  >>>   the HRC campaign’s release Hillary’s  “doctor’s note” from an internist, Lisa Bardack

This looks like another of Hillary Clinton’s hiding in plain sight tactics —   her semi-hangout type disclosure of medical conditions gives some information, but it certainly is not complete vis a vis what happened and what was done to treat Mrs. Clinton in 2012 & 2013 following her fall and brain injuries.

According to a brief item on the CNN web page, the Hillary Clinton campaign released a doctor’s note concerning the overall health of the candidate as part of a Friday, July 31st, document drop. Here’s how CNN introduced  Hillary’s  “doctor’s note” story on its blog:   “Health issues resulting from a 2012 health scare are resolved and Hillary Clinton is physically fit to serve as president, according to her personal physician....   The health declaration came with a wave of late Friday disclosures, including years of previously unreleased tax returns and a separate State Department release of emails from Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State....”  (See  “Clean bill of health: Hillary Clinton's doctor says 2012 health scare resolved” by Brianna Keilar & Dan Merica, 7/31/15 CNN []).


The CNN coverage continued with this: “....  ‘Mrs. Clinton is a healthy 67-year old female whose current medical conditions include hypothyroidiam and seasonal pollen allergies,’ writes Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton's doctor since 2001, in a Health Statement provided by Clinton's campaign....   The health statement says the blood clot, also known as a thrombosis, that Clinton suffered between her brain and skull following a fainting spell and concussion in late 2012 is completely resolved....  ‘She had follow-up testing in 2013, which revealed complete resolution of the effects of the concussion as well as total dissolution of the thrombosis. Mrs. Clinton also tested negative for all clotting disorders,’  Bardack writes....   But as a precaution, Clinton remains on daily blood thinners, something her husband previously revealed. Clinton takes Coumadin, the brand name for the blood thinner warfarin. She also takes Armour Thyroid for her hypothyroidism, antihistamines and Vitamin B12....”

According to the CNN report,  Dr. Bardack’s statement included other details of Mrs. Clinton’s current medical situations, regimen and health care.

The take away from the statement by  Dr. Lisa Bardack, an internist who practices near Clinton's suburban New York home, is that Mrs. Clinton suffers from hypothyroidism, a common condition.  And Bardack made note of several events in candidate Hillary Clinton’s  medical history —  they include recurrent deep vein thrombosis, blood clots, usually in the leg, as in 1998 and 2009; a broken elbow in 2009; and a concussion in 2012 with a cranial thrombosis.


The long and the short of this statement by Dr. Bardack is   >>>  HILLARY’s MEDICAL HISTORY AIN’T NOTHIN’

Rather than let Hillary hide in plain sight on this stuff, WE NEED TO SEE HILLARY CLINTON’S MEDICAL RECORDS ASAP


Anonymous said...

why do we need medical records? shes going to lose.

Anonymous said...

Blood clots.

Not unusual when you weigh 300 pounds

Anonymous said...

I don't think Hillary's height and weight mentioned in the doctor's report on her health nor the normal term for such reports, "well-nourished." I wonder why?