Friday, January 16, 2015

Will the Epstein Pedophile Scandal Snare the Clintons ?

Federal papers seek to open a case so that “Friend of Bill” Jeffrey Epstein can face more criminal charges for allegedly sexually abusing several women, one of whom says she was only 13 at the time.

Lawyers for four of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged victims are fighting in Federal Court to get a  non-prosecution agreement against Epstein thrown out  —  if that’s done, Bill Clinton again will be hounded for a deposition in a sex case

Enabler Hillary Clinton, once seen as the Nation’s First Victim, is again stuck with Bill’s friends and taudry sexcapades  — the old  –  the new  –  and the in-between

Longtime political swashbuckler, Roger Stone asks,  “Is this the scandal that ends Hillary’s campaign? Former President Bill Clinton visited the hedonistic private island of a billionaire pedophile who police found was engaging girls as young as 12, multiple times. Now a new lawsuit may compel the former president to testify under oath about what he was doing there. The New York Post reported that Hillary is furious that Bill is mired in the scandal. ***   Democrat mega donor and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was tied by Palm Beach Police to as many as 40 underaged girls and allegedly provided minor girls to Prince Andrew and lawyer Alan Dershowitz, among others. Now, a lawsuit to overturn a secret and controversial sealed wrist slap plea deal that got Epstein a mere 15 months in a Palm Beach Halfway house, may reveal what Clinton was doing on the island and why Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane 10 times to party abroad, according to FAA Logs.... ( See ““Will The Jeffrey Epstein Pedophile Case Snare Clinton?” by Roger Stone, 1/13/15, Daily Caller []).


According to a recent report in the Daily Mail, “... Ghislaine Maxwell is accused in court papers of procuring girls for her former boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein which she vehemently denies....  Bill Clinton had ties to Epstein, who flew the ex-president to Africa on his private jet before the allegations were made....  Epstein was arrested in 2006 and was sentenced to 18 months in jail in 2008, serving 13 months....   Clinton did not cut ties to Maxwell and she was a guest at Chelsea Clinton's wedding in 2010....   Rarely-pictured Jeffrey Epstein has kept a low profile and eschewed public events....   But he was pictured with ex-lover Ghislaine Maxwell on March 15, 2005 at a New York charity bash.... That same day, Palm Beach cops launched an investigation into Epstein and allegations of sexual offences with underage girls....  (See “EXCLUSIVE: Bill Clinton pictured with Jeffrey Epstein's social fixer at Chelsea's wedding AFTER severing links with disgraced pedophile” by Sara Nathan, 1/13/15, Daily Mail/ []). In her lengthy and detailed article, Daily Mail reporter Sara Nathan points out that  Jeffrey Epstein was convicted of soliciting sex from a minor in 2008. Now, lawyers for four of Epstein's alleged victims are fighting to get a federal non-prosecution agreement against Epstein thrown out so he can potentially face criminal charges for allegedly sexually abusing the women, one of whom says she was only 13 at the time of the assault.

No matter who is spinning the story, talk about sex scandals, a conviction for sex trading, fixing the case with a “cooperation deal,” and a perpetrator and fixer close to the Clintons is not one the Clintons want told at this time.


Almost as if on cue, left-wing defenders of the Hillary flame jumped into the fray before the ink had dried on the very first stories mentioning the Clintons.  This bit in Mother Jones is kind of typical: “What has the right in a tizzy is a six-year-old lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein, a former Democratic donor who has been accused of luring underage girls to his island resort to give massages before ultimately sexually assaulting them. Epstein, a billionaire hedge fund manager, pleaded guilty in 2008 to soliciting an underage woman and served 13 months in prison. But unsealed court documents revealed that he had been the subject of a much larger federal probe into alleged prostitution and could have faced 10 years in prison or more, if the case had gone forward. After his guilty plea, two of his alleged victims, who had were underage at the time of their encounter with Epstein, sued him in federal court, claiming that he had a ‘sexual preference and obsession for underage girls’ and that he had sexually assaulted them (and many others)....”  Then as if this made it all go away, the Mother Jones writer added this: “...Epstein has consistently denied criminal wrongdoing and downplayed his 2008 conviction, telling the New York Post that he is ‘not a sexual predator.’...” ( See “Republicans Are Pushing a New Clinton Sex Scandal” by Tim Murphy, 1/715, Mother Jones/ Politics []).

Tim Murphy’s coverage of the story for Mother Jones went on to say that “...Clinton's relationship with Epstein is old news. It's long been publicly known that Clinton and other notable figures hobnobbed with Epstein. Still, the new headlines the case has generated have given GOPers a fresh opportunity to try to link Clinton to a sex scandal. [A] GOP spokesman, was attempting to draw attention to a three-year-old story that [so far] does not implicate Clinton in any lawbreaking. That article, which relies on court documents, recounts the story of Virginia Roberts, who alleged that she became Epstein's sex slave at the age of 15 and that Clinton had once had dinner with Epstein and two girls whom she believed were underage (but she didn't know their ages)....”  However, one wonders how anybody can think that this kind of observation does any good for either Bill or Hillary Clinton: “Clinton and Epstein were indeed once close. The former president used Epstein's private jet. And the presence of numerous teenage girls on the  financier's private island might have struck a visitor as unusual or even troublesome. But there certainly was a compelling reason for a politician [like Bill Clinton] not to ask too many questions: Epstein had given tens of millions of dollars to political and philanthropic causes....”

The Mother Jones piece ends dismissively but ominously with this: “...With GOPers always eager for more soap opera material on the Clintons, don't expect this story and its (so far) thin Clinton connection to go away quietly.”

Well, I think they have that part right.


Anonymous said...

Gale, I am so inspired that you read Mother Jones! Has it been my influence here at your blog? Do you know she was called the "most dangerous woman in America"? Do you subscribe to The Nation also? That is very good too.

Ready for Hillary
Galewyn Massey BSI super-PAC

Anonymous said...

Roger Stone asks if this scandal will spell the end of Clinton. Well Roger Stone did create the sex scandal that ended Spitzer.

When Stone gets paid to bring on the scandal, it happens.

Anonymous said...

Forget this nonsense. The real scandal is that somebody has covered up the fact that Hillary Clinton is a sick old woman that keeps falling down and hitting her head bad enough to keep her out of action for months at a time. She wasn't healthy enough to be Secretary of State and she isn't close to healthy enough to be president. Joe Biden with a metal clip in his brain has a healthier brain than Hillary's.

Anonymous said...

What is it about Republican men that they are so terrified of smart, capable, intelligent, strong, beautiful,out-spoken women like Hillary? If the GOP He-Men are not bashing her it's Pelosi. A study should be done on this.

Anonymous said...

Clinton was a horrible Senator who got us into Iraq and voted for the patriot act, and she was the portrait of a dissaster as Secretary of State.

Working hard does not trump results. If we expect any kind of change the only choice will be President Romney.

Galewyn Massey said...



I think that "Brooklyn... Fountainhead" might have an answer... It's one of our biggest bombshells yet.

Anonymous said...

I think Gale is on to something here. Epstein was into supplying people with what they want. We all know what Bill Clinton wants.