Wednesday, December 3, 2014

This is justice for Salvatore Perrone !

What about the families of his alleged victims ?


My hasn't the time flown in the "Son of Sal"  ---  "Dufflebag John Doe"  ---   2012  Fifth Avenue Bay Ridge Merchant Killing  Case


Perrone still in court for two summer murders, as well as a November killing  ---  all in 2012 and all seemingly related to Perrone's clothing trade Brooklyn  ---  But Salvatore Perrrone does not come close to fitting the physical descriptions originally given in two-of-three of those murders

Second Anniversary of Sal Perrone's indictment  for  multiple murders over several months in 2012  ---   Salvatore Perrone, the apparent last remaining suspect in the case, has been sent in for his second psychiatric exam  ---  And no trial date has been scheduled 

Today is the second anniversary of Perrone's indictment for three murders in Brooklyn,  in a case that was once big news for all the papers and local TV stations in this town.  Since that indictment, the powers that be have put this case on a very slow track;  and they have covered it with a judicial wet blanket called Alan Marrus.  On December 12th, 2014, Salvatore Perrone will be appearing before Judge Alan J. Marrus, AJSC,  for the fourteenth time since he first turned up in Marrus' courtroom exactly two years ago  on 12/12/12.

For those keeping up to date on the case, Perrone was last before the HONORABLE Alan Marrus on October 6th, 2014, when Marrus ordered that Salvatore Perrone be submitted for a Psychiatric Exam  --   AGAIN.   You see, Marrus already had ordered a Psychiatric Exam  much earlier in these proceedings. In fact,  that was on Perrone's first  appearance in front  of Judge Marrus, almost two whole years ago on December 12th, 2012  ---  back when this triple murder case was a fresh news story and every body was being made to believe that Perrone was really quite crazy. Don't forget, I pointed-out that this was happening a long time ago ( See my 12/14/12 post "Will Salvatore Perrone ever get a chance to present his chosen defenses in a Brooklyn Court  to the comments, charges and  "evidence"  already rolled-out  against him by the press, the cops and the Brooklyn D.A. ?" below on this blog).

One suspects that Judge Marrus is hoping that there will be some magic words in the new psyche report that will allow Marrus to bounce this case into psychiatric care limbo and out of his court's apparent permanent holding pattern.


This case has had a stink to it from the very beginning; and in two years in front of Judge Marrus, it has only ripened.  That's nothing new for either the prosecution or the courts in Brooklyn.  (Look at everything that has come out about DA Hynes and so many of his ADAs in the last year or so ! Interestingly, Judge Marrus, whose son was an ADA under Hynes, has found himself in the middle of many of those cases.   Hmmmm !)  Also please remember that I originally called this case against Salvatore Perrone  a "Three Ring Circus...";  and  I gave you my reasons at the time ( See my 12/1/12 post, "The "John Doe Duffel Bag Killer"  a "Three Ring Circus" brought to you by Ray Kelly, Marty Golden and "Joe" Hynes,"  below on this blog).

The original voluntary custody and/or arrest of Perrone after being confronted by cops in a Bay Ridge Pharmacy, the questioning of Perrone that was measured in days, not hours, and the seizure and handling of "evidence" in the case all look like fertile areas for defense motions. However, none of those kinds of motions have been made by Perrone, who is acting as his own counsel.  As regards the unrepresented defendant in front of him, instead of acting as an honest and impartial broker of law and justice, Marrus has instead repeatedly practiced his stand-up comedy routines at Mr. Perrone's expense.

Maybe, it's time for the families of the victims in these three murders to start making some noise about the slow pace of the prosecution and the longtime sideways movement of the case in court. After all, how does it benefit any of the victims' families if Sal Perrone is just shoved down some memory hole ?


On December 12th, Perrone should move for a psychiatric exam for Judge Marrus.  Marrus has shown that he has a well-developed sense of humor, so he should get the joke. On the other hand if Marrus were acting as an honest and impartial broker of law and justice, he would grant the motion and submit himself to the psychiatric exam.  After all, doesn't almost everything that Marrus has done in this case fall into the category of  "doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result"  ?   That's one of the thumbnail descriptions of "madness," isn't it.

Unless, of course, that was what the people in charge wanted all along  ---  sometimes "Justice Delayed" is just the way "everybody" wants things in Brooklyn. Yeah, I posted something about that too, almost a year ago (See my 12/9/13 post "Whooooo ! Whoooooooooh !!! Brooklyn Multiple Murder Railroad of “... Duffel Bag” Salvatore Perrone Coming Through — But it’s going very very slowly" below on this blog).

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Anonymous said...

The magic words the hack Judge Marrus is waiting to hear is "The Defendant is willing to plead guilty my Lord".

Its an old trick. The Judge sits on a weak case for years while defendant stews at Rikers. If they had a case on a triple homicide they'd go forward.