Friday, June 13, 2014

Tell me again. Why should Republicans be supporting Grimm or even voting for him ?

In wake of Eric Cantor’s primary defeat and challenging remarks by Democrat Candidate Domenic M. Recchia, Congressman Michael Grimm tries to distance himself from both the Tea Party and mainstream Republicans  

According to Grimm, “Describing me as 'far-right' is laughable by any standard considering that I was one of the most outspoken Republicans against the government shutdown and have taken on members of my own party to stand up for labor...” (See “Sparks fly between GOP Rep. Michael Grimm and Democratic challenger Recchia in wake of Cantor's downfall” by Tom Wrobleski, 6/11-6/12/14, SI Advance/ [;]).  It’s notable that Wroblenski made the following observation about Grimm’s response to Recchia: “Grimm did not comment on Cantor's stunning defeat.”

Unlike Grimm, Staten Island Tea Party co-founder Frank Santarpia was not shy in commenting about Cantor’s loss. "Like many others, Cantor went to Washington as a conservative and changed.... In some moderate districts, you can get away with that - but this was a strongly conservative district and Cantor got smacked," said Santatarpia.  In what might be construed by some as a shot across Congressman Michael Grimm’s bow, the Staten Island Tea Party activist added: “[This is] another lesson in how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by ignoring your base."

Another report shows that Domenic Recchia is slightly ahead of Grimm with available campaign funds ( See “GOP Rep. Michael Grimm reports sparse fundraising in wake of federal indictment” by Tom Wrobleski, 6/13/14, Staten Island Advance/ [;]).  During the most recent reporting period, Grimm’s campaign fund spent more money than it took in; and Grimm’s opponent Domenic Recchia raised more that three times as much money as Grimm.


Anonymous said...

How is Susan Rice’s calling Bowe Bergdahl an “American Prisoner of War captured on the battlefield...”, who "...served the United States with honor and distinction...", together with the stonewalling by the Department of Defense concerning the release of all of the information about Bergdahl’s original departure from his unit, all for political purposes any different than how Congressman Grimm has handled political use of “the record” of his own military service?

In 2010 two specific items came up; both were relevant to Grimm’s combat service in the United States Marine Corps. One was the failure to provide a complete explanation for Grimm’s early departure from the battlefield; and the second involved Grimm’s posing in a borrowed U.S. Marine Corps uniform for a photograph with decorations that had not been earned by the then candidate for congress. Both of these issues were raised in the 2010 campaign by key members of the Brooklyn Republican Party and satisfactory answers were not forthcoming from Grimm or his campaign.

Since the political use of Bergdahl’s military record has been repeatedly brought up by Republicans, shouldn’t the same standards be applied to the political use of Grimm’s military record?

One thing does seem certain, Bowe Bergdahl spent much more time doing honorable service in a combat zone than his compatriot in arms Michael Grimm.

Anonymous said...

Why shouldnt Republicans support Grimm? Is the reason because Obama Justice department targeted a vulnerable Republican and got him for paying Mexicans off the books?

Galewyn Massey said...

No, the reason is that Grimm never misses an opportunity to say that he isn't this, that or the other kind of Republican. Just like he did since Eric Cantor lost his primary in the Wrobleski quotes above.

When Grimm says anything about not being a Republican or a Right-winger or a Tea Party guy, I believe him.