Sunday, June 22, 2014

Does the Sunday Post Article, “Hynes’ payouts to pals – $$ probe widens” scare State Senator Golden and Golden’s supporters to death ? — It certainly should !

Feds looking into Hynes' “slush fund” payments  —  one of the two names named is long-time Golden supporter and insider Larry Morrish

The headline for the on-line edition is equally damning “Hynes probe looks at payments to cronies” 

How long before this pattern of links and relations to Hynes will make Golden a subject of Federal scrutiny ?

“Among the issues being looked at is whether Hynes’ opening of the 32 outreach centers was only a political p.r. effort. The centers were closed this year. ***  Morrish said he worked in Bay Ridge and did “outreach to present the services of the DA’s office to the community.” He wouldn’t disclose his salary. Records show he wasn’t on the city payroll....” ( See “Hynes probe looks at payments to cronies” by Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein, 6/22/14 []).

If Golden’s name isn’t mentioned anywhere in the NY Post article, how does any of this threaten Golden, Golden’s supporters and/or Golden’s 2014 campaign ?  It’s the common connections between Golden and members of his state senate staff, and other Golden supporters to Hynes to the Hynes general election campaign of 2013 that very well could lead the Republican-Conservative State Senator from Bay Ridge to be a target in the joint Federal-NY State probe of political corruption by current office-holders.

Don’t forget State Senator Martin Golden was the driving force behind DA Joe Hynes’ pursuing a full-fledged general election campaign on the Republican and Conservative Party lines in 2013. In that quest, there was a mad scramble for personnel and resources; and there could easily have been some “spillage” between the various efforts on behalf of the incumbent DA.  Both Golden staffers and Golden’s community activist supporters, like Larry Morrish, were the backbone of the Hynes fall efforts in Bay Ridge and other nearby neighborhoods in southwest Brooklyn. If Hynes’ “slush fund” money found its way into the campaign(s) that they were running, then the Feds will really want to know chapter and verse the “Who?” and “Who knew?” behind the “What?”  “When?”  “Where?” “How?” and “How much?” of the whole deal.  One can’t see how that would not include Golden and/or his key operatives.

First things first, the Feds need to look into the details of the Hynes relationship with the “Bay Ridge Cabal” as it existed up to and including the 2013 election cycle. A good place to start would be the very close working relationship between Hynes and Golden (which has been well-recited on the record in court papers by none other than Hynes’ himself when he was DA)  —  and other personal connections between the two men, up to and including 2013. Another item of scrutiny is the relationships that Larry Morrish had with both Golden and Hynes up to and including  2013  —  and how that led to Morrish being paid for his services in 2013 and before. Some of the Larry Morrish connections to State Senator Golden already hit the press in the past  —  the aborted “Charm School” proposal at the Bay Ridge Manor comes to mind immediately.


Anonymous said...

Larry Morrish "The Mayor of Bay Ridge" always gets his cut.
Just ask anyone at BRAVO about his volunteer work there.

Anonymous said...

Everytime time you look at something Hynes did it was crooked.
Larry Morish has some explaining to do.

Anonymous said...

Post says Morrish and Law School Professor Lisa Smith were getting checks but they dont know who the checks were from.
Yeah, that happens to me a lot.

Galewyn Massey said...
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Anonymous said...

The question is what did Morrish know and when did he know it?

Galewyn Massey said...

Among other questions... like who else did this, that or the other....

Galewyn Massey said...

[of my earlier deleted comment referring to “The two anonymous comments above...”]

A few of the anonymous comments above aren't looking through the right end of the telescope. Larry Morrish and Lisa Smith are not in the center ring of the Feds target, they are both part of the outer ring and the investigators will range in and correct their windage in due course centering on the bulls eye target OR TARGETS.

In the real world Morrish is just a link -- or an element in a bigger search hunting for bigger game. Whatever games or schemes Morrish was up to are just part of a background story that helps explain why people like Golden and Hynes thought they could use him and what they might have expected from him.

Even though Morrish rhymes with both "little fish" and "big fish"; when you see Morrish, you should think "little fish."

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why people have the right to remain silent. Morrish gets checks from the district attorneys account, but he dosent know where the checks come from.

Anonymous said...

This is the Larry Morrish version -

Hynes or somebody working for Hynes: "Pssst! Do you want a check?"

Morrish: "Sure!"

Hynes or somebody working for Hynes: "Don't you want to know what it's for or who it's from?"

Morrish: "Nah! Just gimme the check.""

Anonymous said...

I've seen Larry around community events for over 30 years, but nobody knows what he does for a living.
Is he a "community organizer"?

Galewyn Massey said...


Larry Morrish is a small fish caught up in the Feds' investigative net looking for corruption by elected officials. He isn't the main target, if he is any kind of target at all.

Galewyn Massey said...



One measure of the political problems that might be arising for people like State Senator Martin Golden as a result of yesterday’s NY Post article about the Federal investigation of former DA Charles “Joe” Hynes that is now looking into payments made to Golden’s insider Larry Morrish is whether the story is getting retold on the blogs.

Based on a quick search this morning, on day one it appears like the story was picked up by a couple (See “Brooklyn, NY - Investigators In Hynes Probe Scrutinizing Every Payout By Ex-DA From Public Fund” by Glen Silver, 6/22/14, Vos Iz Neias ? []; see also “Morrish Targeted in Hynes Probe” by Kip, 6/22/14, Bay Ridge Journal []). And of course, it was picked up here on the Galewyn Massey blog, “The Brooklyn Independent GOP Fountainhead.”

Galewyn Massey said...




A quick computer search picked-up the beginnings of a trail. Here are a few items indicating that Larry Morrish was involved in former DA Hynes’ 2013 finances and fundraising, and had been a shared servant of DA Hynes and State Senator Martin Golden.

In March of 2013, there is a report that Larry Morrish was some kind of fund raiser or fundraising coordinator for the Hynes re-election effort. Zoe Koutsoupakis is quoted as saying that she was “...grateful to Larry Morrish and Jack Malone of the D.A.’s office, ‘for giving me and my committee the opportunity to host the fundraiser for D.A. Hynes.’” (See “Fundraiser for D.A. Hynes” by Thomas Nocera, 3/13/14, Home Reporter/ Spectator []).

In 2008 the same team of Larry Morrish and Jack Malone were present along with DA Hynes to announce the opening of a new Brooklyn District Attorney Neighborhood Office at 224 Brooklyn Avenue (See “Community building” 5/28/08, Courier Life/ Brooklyn Daily []). At that time, a “Brooklyn District Attorney Neighborhood Office” was described as follows: “ These neighborhood offices are where residents can bring their concerns to the DA’s staff without having to leave their own neighborhood. Each office is open one day a week and is staffed by trained counselors who offer assistance on a variety of issues including elder abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, drug or gang activity, prostitution, burglary, robbery identity theft, fraudulent loans and landlord-tenant disputes.”

In a 2006 column by Chuck Otey, who knows Larry Morrish very well, Morrish is referred to as a “meeting coordinator” for a DA Hynes and State Senator Golden event (See “Pro Bono Barrister: July 14 – Hynes, Golden Plan Ethnic Harmony Conference in Bay Ridge”
by Charles F Otey, 7/17/06, Brooklyn Eagle/ []).

btw, Jack Malone is a Bay Ridge businessman that has had very close dealings with Marty Golden over the years.

Anonymous said...

Hynes using taxpayer money for campaigns. Ive been reading about him doing that for 20 years. Nothing happens till he loses an election.
its all politics