Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Grimm moment at “Astorino Event” at Golden’s Bay Ridge Manor

Grimm-Golden “team” going forward against Obama and the rest of the Democrats   —   Oh ! And did I mention OBAMA had his hand in all of this, you know ?

Yeah, Astorino....  But he’s not trying to get re-elected....  And he isn’t going to beat Cuomo, you know.... 

Last night, I decoded a message from one of my operatives who passed on the word that disgraced Republican Congressman Michael Grimm was haunting Tuesday’s Road to Victory Rally with Bob Astorino, which was hosted by State  Senator Marty Golden at the Bay Ridge Manor. There were lots of other strange goings-on at the event, most notably being the signing of GOP designating petitions as one of the admission requirements to what had been billed as an “open” GOP event.

Among a generally friendly and moderate-sized crowd for a Golden-Manor event, Congressman Grimm gave a rousing stem-winder in which he bashed Obama, Obama’s America and the Obama-motivated charges against the Congressman. Needless to say among the Golden-Grimm true believers of the “Republicans for Change” variety, the presentation was well-received (See “Michael Grimm Blames Barack Obama For His Fraud Indictment” by Ross Barkan, 6/4/14, New York Observer [;
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A prominent Bay Ridge Democrat said that he expected that a close look into the financing tree of the “Astorino Event” would uncover a gold mine for a few local Democratic candidates  —  whatever that might mean !


Anonymous said...

I attended the "Astorino rally" last night. After standing in the rain waiting to be let in, as I was entering the building a certain conservative columnist almost knocked my cane out of my hand as I walked up the steps into the Manor. I guess that he was too important to wait in line and it didn't bother him if he knocked over a few senior citizens to get in. Once inside a woman asked me my assembly district. She didn't ask my address to verify the AD nor did she even ask if I was a registered Republican. She TOLD me to sign a petition. I declined because I don't like the way Craig Eaton was treated and I told her so. She then questioned why I was there. If you ask a stupid question you get a stupid answer. I gave her one. But the real reason I was there was because I received two phone calls inviting me to the rally. It turned out to be a grim event.

Galewyn Massey said...



Ross Barkan mined last night’s GOP Victory event at the Bay Ridge Manor for at least two features. The first was about Congressman Michael Grimm and is mentioned in my main post above on the this blog. The second was about Marty Golden and his good old friend, former Brooklyn DA Charles “Joe” Hynes ( See “Marty Golden Thinks Charles Hynes Is Still ‘An Honest Player’” by Ross Barkan, 6/4/14, New York Observer []). According to Barkan’s reporting on the Republican rally with GOP gubernatorial nominee Rob Astorino in attendance, Golden made this endorsement of Mr. Hynes in the face of reports about a recent DOI investigation of the former Brooklyn prosecutor: “State Senator Marty Golden, a Brooklyn Republican who boosted Mr. Hynes as he unsuccessfully sought re-election last year, defended Mr. Hynes at a GOP rally in Brooklyn last night. *** ‘I’d like to see how that plays itself out–Joe Hynes has always been an honest player, a good player,’ Mr. Golden told reporters, referring to Mr. Hynes by his oft-used nickname....”

Nonetheless, Barkan’s article closed with Golden’s tune sounding a little flat — “Mr. Golden insisted he didn’t want to render any judgment on Mr. Hynes until he read the investigation’s complaint. He appeared to doubt, however, that Mr. Hynes could have done anything wrong. *** ‘I don’t know what this is going to turn out to be, but I believe Joe Hynes acted honestly,’ he said.”

After reading both of Barkan’s posts, I am left with one major question — Did Michael Grimm happen to mention whether he thought Obama and/or Schumer were behind the DOI’s investigation of Joe Hynes ?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you attend? Usually you enjoy the free shrimp party.

Anonymous said...

I heard Grimm was great.

Galewyn Massey said...

A couple of prominent Brooklyn Republicans are saying that after the June 3rd Golden sponsored Victory Rally at Golden's Bay Ridge Manor, they can take State Senator Marty Golden off the GOP line without a primary. Unfortunately, the GOP line for State Senator probably will have to remain blank as a result of the finding necessary to remove Golden.

Hmmm...! Is that even possible ? Well, after hearing them go through it step by step, I'd say this: "Maybe, yes; maybe, no...." It all depends on what facts can be proved, and whether Marty Golden is directly involved in all or even some of it.

Galewyn Massey said...



Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t Marty Golden at least guilty of a little odious ethnic comparison, misanthropic description, hyperbolic public incitement and/or implied racism in the paragraph below:

“‘I’ve been at many hearings when I was in the City Council for five years and then in the State Senate, I gotta tell you, there was no other DA that put more programs together for families … and it wasn’t Irish, Italian, he reached into the worst of the worst, crime-ridden areas and he put programs together that made a difference for the families, the lives of those people, those communities,’ Mr. Golden said.”

(See Ross Barkan’s article in the New York Observer cited above in my 6/4/14 comment, "UPDATE: THE “BACK TO THE FUTURE” EDITION - GOLDEN STILL TOUTING HYNES TO THE BAY RIDGE FAITHFUL," post above this comment).

Anonymous said...

Gale, did you see the State of Politics Blog:

Here it is:

Show the Golden Boy is not so Golden any more. All of his misdeeds are coming back to haunt him.....lets hope Gentile runs

"DRAFT GENTILE FOR SENATORE", "REPUBLICANS FOR GENTILE" - sound like nice punchlines.....

Gale post the above state of politics report and see what your people think..