Friday, March 21, 2014

Love it, Love it, Love it ! ! ! Sandinista Mayor Bill DeBlasio Doubles-down on wanting wealthier parks conservancies to share their funds with “Poorer Parks”

Mayor de Blasio appoints Mitchell Silver as New York City’s new Parks Commissioner, calling him “a visionary” with “a passion for fairness and equality”

More and more redistributionism  —  At least this time, it’s the turn of liberal-leaning large parks and green belt enthusiasts 

“Mayor Bill de Blasio and his new parks commissioner today threw their weight behind the idea of getting wealthy, privately-funded parks conservancies to help subsidize parks with less green–but stopped short of endorsing making such an arrangement mandatory....” (See ““NOT EASY BEING GREEN –  De Blasio Still Wants Conservancies to Share Money With Poorer Parks” by Jill Colvin (with reporting by Ross Barkan), 3/21/14, NY Observer/ Politicker []).

The Jill Colvin post on the Politicker blog went on to report that “[deBlasio] also suggested he was open to a model that might be voluntary, arguing that people who contribute to one park may be open to contributing to others. *** ‘I think a lot of people are excited at that opportunity to help and to be part of another neighborhood, too. And that’s the direction we want to go in,’ he said. ***  The mayor’s new parks commissioner, Mitch Silver, said he agreed with the mayor. “The status quo is not working.... There are probably many ways to get there,” he added. “But I think we can all agree that to have a successful parks system in our city, it has to be a great parks system throughout the entire city.”

“Speaking at a press conference at Seward Park on the Lower East Side, Mr. de Blasio praised Mr. Silver... as someone who will lead the department in a more equitable direction. *** ‘No one is more qualified to usher in a new era of expanded access to our parks and sustainability for our parks than Mitch Silver,’ he said....”  (See “PARKS AND RECREATION – De Blasio Appoints Mitchell Silver New Parks Commissioner” by Jill Colvin, 3/21/14, NY Observer/ Politicker  []).

State Senator Golden apparently has been a supporter of parks conservancies in and around his district. What does our local GOP state senator intend to do about the Mayor’s and the new Parks Commissioner’s proposals about the redistribution of conservancy funds.


Anonymous said...

deBlasio has one term written all over him.
Hes Abe Beame & Dave Dinkins all rolled into one.

Galewyn Massey said...

Will he try to divert LaGuardia air traffic so as not to disturb the U.S. Tennis Open ?

Anonymous said...

Beame and Dinkins were routine Democrats that were reliably liberal in their formal statements, but they generally governed as accomodationist centrists.

Bill de Blasio is a radical through and through.

Anonymous said...

deblasio has a s*** eating grin.
Like Rumsfeld

Galewyn Massey said...

... but he doesn't wear granny-glasses...