Monday, March 24, 2014

Is this a sign of good times coming ? --- Marty Golden robo-calls for Congressman Michael Grimm in March --- mechanically chatting-up everybody about "Flood Insurance"

Meanwhile  ---  the Brooklyn GOP will debate the vetting of candidates for congress, including Mike Grimm  ---  later this week 

To date, there has been no formal decision as to whether the Brooklyn GOP will back Grimm in any way

One of my Baker Streeters tells me that a key operative for the group, up-to-recently referred to as the "Republicans for Change," is calling around for petition gatherers for Grimm.  Did you ever notice how the group, up-to-recently referred to as the "Republicans for Change," strangely sees the high pressure surrounding the re-election of incumbents as a sign of good times on its barometer for "...Change" ? Expect even more of that when it comes to State Senator Golden's petitions later this year.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what benefit Marty got from this - pay to play at its finest. Maybe Mikey Suits promised not to throw Marty off of a balcony?

Galewyn Massey said...

Brooklyn GOP Secretary Russell Gallo, joined by the Republican County Law Chairman, yesterday announced that in 2014 it was more important to clean up the Republican Party from RINO and other corrupting influences rather than elect Congressmen, State Senators and/or Assembly Members.