Thursday, March 20, 2014


Are Satmar and related Orthodox Jewish Sects in a Sullivan County hamlet seen as a threat to Homeland Security in small towns and big cities across the country  —  or just a threat to the status quo in various parts of New York ?

I smell some big time Brooklyn Democrat Party involvement getting the FBI involved in all of this  —  somebody call Darrrell Issa; this could be big

According to the New York Times, “On March 13, agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided dozens of properties in Bloomingburg [NY] in what opponents of [a controversial local housing] development said was an inquiry into their claims that [an owner in the local housing developement] had orchestrated voter fraud....” (See “Vote Fails to End Fight Over Growth in Catskills” by Joseph Berger, 3/19/14, NY Times []).

It seems like the old-timers in Bloomsburg, New York, which is located in Sullivan County, are worried that their small hamlet will be overrun by members of the Orthodox Jewish Satmar sect and the place will become another Kiryas Joel.  Kiryas Joel is a much larger village of about 20,000 people farther south in Sullivan County that is populated largely by Hasidim of the Satmar sect.

This looks like much more than a political fight over an Orthodox Jewish development in some hamlet in upstate New York. The only ones with enough juice in Eric Holder’s Justice Department to get the FBI involved are those with a real stake in all Satmar activities in partisan politics. To be clear, that’s obviously some big time Brooklyn Democrats.


Anonymous said...

Why wasnt the ATF in on this?

Anonymous said...

The FBI is deciding who votes. If I didnt read it in the new york times I would be skeptical.

Galewyn Massey said...

Since the initiating G-man raid on the Branch Davidians, ATF has been kept at arms length from raids on religion-affiliated groups.

btw, in an early career assignment, Brooklyn DA Kenneth Thompson found some significant shortcomings with the ATF planning and execution in the ATF part of the Branch Davidian fiasco back in the day.

Schloime said...

I have my doubts it came from Brooklyn. This is like child abuse--no one on any side of Hasidic politics wants the government to open any cans of worms. More likely source of the investigation may be some juiced locals in the vicinity of Sullivan.

Galewyn Massey said...

I agree that "some juiced locals" in that frozen piece of tundra, who were nonetheless hot under the collar about their new Satmar neighbors, are more likely and obvious suspects of trying to pull some strings at "Justice."

However, since this is basically a Brooklyn blog, that's where I like to focus my conspiracy theories, if I can. As a result, my list of suspects was more in the direction of one of the potential candidates in the contentious multi-county New York 7th Congressional District. The race might have involved a relative newcomer and "outsider," Jeff Kurzon, a former Obama bundler; John Liu, a big-time Asian city-wide player looking at the fast evolving district, but with prior federal inquiries into his campaign finances; and Nydia Velazquez, a longtime and high-ranking Democrat incumbent and Latina icon, who had more than half of the Satmars against her in the last primary, but with another large faction of that sect strongly supporting her in that truly complicated district.

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Anonymous said...

Rebbi Lamms crooked son is using this downtrodden group and should be ashamed to be abusing desperate and highly oppressed people for political gain! Most Hasidics away from the Systemic oppression are really great people!! One local concerned Hasidic regarding Lamms corruption "As long as we continue to not follow the laws of the land, no one will want us. We need to start to pay taxes, work and take care of our kinder better by protecting them. Our Rabbonim must teach us to lead honest lives and they also must live with integrity. Instead of focusing on eyeglass styles which they prohibit, they need to focus on morals

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly Epic and heartfelt local Sullivan County story about Bloomingburg and its historically mixed bag of American people rallying together to protect their communities rural heritage and unique Shawangunk ridge environment from unregulated/unsustainable corruption driven development "COEXIST OR DESIST" EXCELLENT TRAILER FOR EPIC BATTLE COMING SOON TO PROUD RURAL COMMUNITY NEAR YOU "BLOOMINGBURG THE BRAVE"