Thursday, January 9, 2014

“New York is a long way from becoming a Detroit.” — Brooklyn Conservative Party Chairman Jerry Kassar

“The sky is not falling, yet !  —  The sky is not falling, yet !” 

In other words, if you happened to read Kassar’s column this week, you’d know that in his opinion, as far as  New York City is concerned, things are pretty good, but with a new administration at the helm that’s going to change, but probably not right away (See “Common Sense: A cloudy dawn” by Jerry Kassar, 1/7/14, Home Reporter/ Sunset News []). Among other unrelated subjects Kassar wrote what he did about NYC, because the inaugural speeches of Bill deBlasio, Scott Stringer and Letitia James showed him that we all might be headed in the direction of becoming a Detroit; and that’s a very serious thing. However, also according to Kassar, thanks to the administrations of Michael Bloomberg and Rudy Giuliani, we are a long way from all of that.

If all that he said about New York City is really true, can Kassar explain why neither he nor his party ever endorsed either Bloomberg or Giuliani for election or re-election as Mayor of the City of New York when they ran on the Republican line?

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