Sunday, January 26, 2014

Did Mayor de Blasio tip his “Chicago-style” hand with the “City’s” response to the most recent snow storm and is he now our own local over-sized Obama “Mini-me”

It turns out that in the second snow storm of the de Blasio regime  — many Republican areas that voted for Joe Lhota last November 2013 got less snow removal in January 2014   

When confronted with questions about shortcomings of the City's recent snow removal efforts, de Blasio sounded very Obama-like 

Hmmm !  —   Chicago-style allocation of city services, followed by Obama-style shucking of responsibility  —   Is that the emerging look of the de Blasio mayoral regime ?

Maybe it’s only “Second Snowstorm-gate” and not Benghazi or the Obama Administration’s IRS targeting of Republican groups and activists or the NSA intrusions into our cellphones and PCs. However, if you look at a print version of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s evasive answers to press inquiries about one of the problematic aspects of the most recent snow removal, you would see quotes that look a lot like what we’ve gotten from candidate-Senator and then President Obama for more than six or seven years and more recently former Secretary of State and expected presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Just look a de Blasio in his own words; here’s a good place to start:

“... ‘They’re just wrong,’ he said of the political payback theory. ‘And I’ve said that immediately and I’ll keep saying it. The orders were given; the execution was not what it should have been. And when I saw it with my own eyes, I was thoroughly dissatisfied and I gave new orders and clear orders to beef up the efforts.’ *** ‘I appreciate the question. I’m not here to speculate,’ he later offered when asked for specifics. ‘Whatever it was, obviously, again, it wasn’t up to snuff and we’ve got to figure it out. But we do know this much: The equipment was available, the personnel was available, the orders were given. So now we have to figure out what went wrong.’...”  (See “De Blasio Also ‘Concerned’ About Staten Island Snow-Response” by Colin Campbell, 1/24/14, NY Observer/ Politicker []).

Well, at least de Blasio didn’t say, “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE !”  –  and he didn’t refer it all to Eric Holder’s DOJ for an investigation (of course de Blasio doesn’t have the authority to do that).

Other than having voted for Joe Lhota instead of Bill de Blasio, what do certain parts of Manhattan’s Upper East Side and large swaths of Staten Island have in common  —  well, now they can add sub-standard snow removal to the very short list.

Let’s see how Mayor Bill does on his follow-up to his get away line: “So now we have to figure out what went wrong....”

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