Sunday, January 5, 2014

Following the announcement of his non-candidacy for Governor in 2014, The Brooklyn Young Republican Club thanks Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin “...for being a true leader in our party”

Brooklyn Young Republican Club Board of Directors’ testimonial recognizes that “...McLaughlin’s decision to not run took into account the best interests of our party and the fact that he can continue to be a leader from the legislature, where the people’s elected representatives have a duty to check the excesses of the Governor’s capricious big-government policy agenda that seeks to reinforce the status quo....”

The club’s complete remarks together with a photo of Assemblyman McLaughlin and Brooklyn YR Club President Glenn Nocera at a recent meeting in Downtown Brooklyn are available at the Brooklyn Young Republican Club homepage (See “ASSEMBLYMAN STEVE MCLAUGHLIN ANNOUNCES HE WILL NOT SEEK A RUN FOR GOVERNOR. THE BROOKLYN YOUNG REPUBLICAN CLUB THANKS HIM FOR BEING A TRUE LEADER IN OUR PARTY” posted by The  Brooklyn Young Republican Club Board of Directors, 1/5/14 []).


Anonymous said...

Mclaughlin is smart to hang on to his day job.
Besides, its common knowledge that on election day 2014 Mike Long will settle all family business.

Anonymous said...

The commentator above watches to much TV

Anonymous said...

The last time an upstate person was elected Governor was William H Seward.
A downstate billionaire is the best bet.