Friday, January 25, 2019

Wait a minute --- What exactly did the NY Post say in its 1/22/19 interview piece about Phil Vetrano ?

Is this just another bad piece of NY Post journalism  ---  or is it a bombshell that pops loose what's been going on in the murder case that just won't get resolved  ---  the Queens jogger who was murdered in early August 2016 near her home in Howard Beach ?

Here's the beef:  After a short quote by Phil Vetrano, the NY Post quickly shifted to this  ---  "DNA and fingerprint evidence that prosecutors argue ties Lewis to the murder was shown to jurors...."  
--  NY Post report of 1/22/19

"The question begs" [sic ---  from a long time ago in a kingdom by the sea]:   WHAT FINGERPRINT EVIDENCE ???

Is this January 22nd article by Priscilla DeGregory just another example of the NY Post's shoddy coverage of the Vetrano-Lewis murder case,  or have they mentioned a piece of evidence that was never mentioned before ?????

The NY Post has been stoking the white lynch-mob mentality surrounding the Karina Vetrano murder from the very beginning in the summer of 2016;  and then doubled down when the mistrial was declared by Justice Michael Aloise on November 20, 2018.

For the most part, Priscilla DeGregory's recent piece is just more of the same  ---  except for HER line about the DNA and the fingerprints in the Post's coverage of remarks by Phil Vetrano  (See  "Slain jogger’s father prepares to relive killing at second trial" by Priscilla DeGregor,  1/22/19, NY Post/ Metro  []).

If this is indeed something new,  then the Post and their reporter Priscilla DeGregory cleary have given the impression (and it looks like it was intentional) that the tip-off about FINGERPRINTS came from Phil Vetrano.

Make no mistake  ---  this item about FINGERPRINTS  ---  is either grossly bad journalism by the NY Post and its writer de jour on the Vetrano-Lewis murder case  ---  OR  ---  it is a bombshell disclosure.....   Remember, at the first trial of the defendant Chanel Lewis in November 2018,  the defense team made a big point with the jury that THERE WAS NO FINGERPRINT EVIDENCE LINKING CHANEL LEWIS TO THE CRIME OR THE CRIME SCENE.....   That was one of the elements of the very conservative and passive defense strategy that ultimately led to a hung jury.and the declaration of a mistrial later in November.


Anonymous said...

Bad Post reporting or Phil Vetrano making up evidence. Both could be true.

Anonymous said...

'Fingerprints' aren't the only pieces of evidence missing from the prosecution's case against Chanel Lewis. There are no 'tissue samples' linking Chanel Lewis to the body of Karina Vetrano, either externally or internally, nor to the so-called 'crime scene' either.

Chantel Lewis's DNA but not any identifiable cells and tissue! That's strange isn't it. I wonder how the OCME explains that away.

Anonymous said...

This isn't the first time that Phil Vetrano made statements about 'evidence' that just aren't true. His version of what DNA evidence the police and prosecutors have linking Chanel Lewis to the crime is not accurate and probably intentionally false. In spite of Phil Vetrano saying it over and over again, there is no evidence showing that Chanel Lewis's DNA was ever under the fingernails of Karina Vetrano.