Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Trial Judge in the Vetrano-Lewis case is skewered again for his lockstep approach in favor of cops and prosecutors

You've got to hand it to Theodore Hamm  ---  he has painted "jurist" Michael Aloise with a well-deserved basting of tar for his one-sided, pro-cop, pro-prosecution rulings  ---  even suggesting that the judge's quick grant of a mistrial in the Vetrano murder case was a move meant to benefit the prosecution  ---  and allowing them to start all over again in their attempt to railroad the defendant Chanel Lewis

I have been waiting for this article for a couple of weeks now  ---  as the one and true Galewyn Massey,  formerly the real and true editor of "The Banner" of "Fountainhead" fame,  Gale Wynand, played in the King Vidor movie of the same name by Raymond Massey (and yes, in both of those parallel threads,  I am well over a hundred years old  ---  however in my current state, I only feel over a hundred years old),  I must say that my blog and I really kvell up a storm when other reputable sources confirm much of what is being said by me here on this blog

Mr. Hamm, has been a full-time author and part-time journalist, and was the founder of the cultural and literary "tabloid"  ---   "The Brooklyn Rail."  Out west, he had a background investigating various cases in the criminal justice system out there; and now he's a college professor in Brooklyn,  who occasionally does watchdog public interest articles  ---  just like this one exposing Justice Michael Aloise as the Queens County Supreme Court's currently-reigning super- pro-DA hack.

Most interestingly,  Mr. Hamm pointed out that Judge Aloise,  who has a long history of being overturned by the defense bar,  has multiple relatives working as ADA's in the Queens DA's Office;  at this time, a daughter and a son-in-law.  (Note, a similar pattern can be found among several other judges hearing criminal cases in Brooklyn and Queens  ---  it is just one of the very large chunks of corruption in those courts that the New York State Office of Court Administration (OCA) just can't seem to come to grips with).  The OCA's spokesperson's lame defensive comments about Judge Aloise's problematic record clearly indicates that a follow-up article about the cover-ups of many of the many state court judges' more detestable foibles by the OCA is long overdue ( See "Judge in Jogger Murder Trial has a History of Having Rulings Overturned"  by Theodore Hamm,  1/18/19,   []).

Here are some of the things that Mr. Hamm wrote about the Vetrano murder case in this article for the award-winning NYC watch-dog organ, "":

"Throughout the recent high-profile trial of Chanel Lewis for the murder of Howard Beach jogger Karina Vetrano, Judge Michael Aloise sparked controversy....   In addition to repeatedly ruling in the prosecution’s favor, Aloise frequently sported a purple tie, a statement of solidarity with the Vetrano family. Many seasoned criminal defense attorneys were surprised when after only one full day of jury deliberations, Aloise—instead of issuing what’s known as an Allen charge (which asks jurors to continue trying to reach a verdict)—quickly declared a mistrial....  Queens prosecutors immediately declared their intention to seek a retrial, and the next court date is January 22. Despite his questionable handling of the first trial, Justice Aloise continues to preside over the case...."


"A City Limits investigation has found that questions raised about Aloise’s impartiality are not new. Indeed, since Aloise became a Queens Supreme Court-Criminal judge in 2004, Aloise has had at least 42 cases reversed or modified by the appellate division, with a handful reaching the full New York State Court of Appeals....   By contrast, Aloise’s Queens counterpart Justice Gregory Lasak (now running for Queens County DA), who was elected at the same time as Aloise, has had 17 reversals or modifications, including one last week. Lasak made important initial rulings in the Vetrano case before retiring last summer in order to run for Queens DA. His cases were then passed over to Aloise. Kenneth Holder, another Queens judge who handles high-profile felony trials, has seen 24 of his cases altered by the appellate division since he joined Aloise and Lasak in 2008...."

As a result, this blog agrees with Mr. Hamm and the folks at "" that  ---  as the Queens DA’s office prepares to retry Lewis  ---  Judge Aloise’s track record should come in for increased scrutiny,  both by the press and by state and federal investigators.  I also agree that the facts revealed in Mr. Hamm's article for "" raise questions about whether there is sufficient oversight and accountability of heavy handed pro-prosecution judges like Michael Aloise in New York State.


With respect to that issue, Theodore Hamm and "" reported this:

"....   Asked to explain whether there is sufficient accountability for judges, Office of Court Administration spokesman Lucian Chalfen told City Limits via email that Aloise 'has been elected once [to Civil Court] and reelected twice more [to Supreme Court] by the citizens of Queens County.' Chalfen added that Aloise has been 'an active felony trial jurist for more than fifteen years, [and] cases are appealed and sometimes reversed.'...   Elections for judges, of course, are a stronghold of the party machines. When Aloise and Lasak ran for reelection in 2017, they were two of the six candidates running on the Democratic line  ---  and the full party slate won all six judgeship positions. Given the mandatory retirement age of 70 for New York State Supreme Court judges, Aloise would not be eligible to run again in 2031....   Aside from elections, Chalfen says, 'oversight in New York State for elected or appointed judges comes from either the State Commission on Judicial Conduct or the appellate process.' There’s no record of an Aloise investigation by that commission, however...."
According to the article by Ted Hamm, many professional court-watchers are not happy about any of this  ---  "....   'We are a long way from where we need to be in terms of judicial oversight,” says Brooklyn Law School professor Jocelyn Simonson. But both she and Brooklyn College professor Alex Vitale, author of the End of Policing, say the work of CourtWatch NYC and the Police Reform Organizing Project are an important step in that direction....   'CourtWatch and PROP are keeping track of bail requests in criminal court and the degree to which judges are acting independently of prosecutors,' says Vitale. 'We need independent eyes monitoring every stage of the process, from arraignment to pleas, trials and sentencing.'...”


"...   In the meantime, if Lewis again stands trial for the Vetrano murder, Aloise’s actions will once again take center stage."

But nobody can gainsay that in anyway (except for something like the sort of snarky "Captain Obvious" jibe).....  

Or maybe Mr. Hamm is actually telling everybody that he'll be watching Judge Aloise like a hawk this time around.



Anonymous said...

God Bless you Ted Hamm.

god bless u

Anonymous said...

Tuesday the new state senate will enact legislation making new york the leader in abortion. That never would have happened under goldens watch.

Anonymous said...

If more women had attended Golden's Charm School, they would have gotten good jobs in offices with lots of prospective male suitors, then marry, become obedient housewives, and given birth to several children. There would be no abortion, no birth control, no women in the workforce.

Welcome to the Golden Age of Women!

Anonymous said...

Complete and absolute nonsense, even if Marty Golden Golden (R-C) had squeaked out some kind of win in 2018, the Republicans still would have lost control of State Senate in New York in 2019, and the very same legislation would have been passed into law at the same time.

Besides, one of the big reasons Golden lost his last election was his very parochial stand on things like abortion. Lately, John Quaglione thinks that doubling down on the same issue will help him win some future election against one of the Democrat incumbents. Will Farrell coined a word for that kind of thinking on SNL, 'STRATEEGERY'.

Anonymous said...

Maybe John Q actually stands for something.

Anonymous said...

John Q needs to get a real job other than bagging groceries at Food town

Anonymous said...

The nepotism in the Queens Courts are a disgrace. I'm so glad none of that goes on in Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

The judge running the brooklyn courts, Matthew D'Emic, has his son on the brooklyn DA's staff. And his brother John D'emic is the county clerk in brooklyn even though he got caught stealing from an old lady.

Brooklyn is the new Queens.

Anonymous said...

Matt "Smiling Matt" D'emic and his brother Jack "Norman Bates" D'emic were Mike Longs conservative party appointees.

Anonymous said...

Lots of people like the Bay Ridge D'Emics. They have been well known in the community for many years. There was also a Windsor Terrace branch of the family with a Conservative Party connection through Vince 'Spike' Riccio and his crowd.

Anonymous said...

The Demic involved with councilman Vin Riccio. She was on city council payroll but did most of her work out of the office. Nights and weekends.

Anonymous said...

I remember a used car dealer on 4th avenue owned by D'emic family. Used car dealer to hack Judge. Its a natural evolution.

Anonymous said...

I hear Storobin is telling everybody what a great Senator he was. What an absolute Joke. He was a Senator for an hour.

I looked on his website and it says he is a former Senator. Although it is technically correct, it is such a joke.

He has been taking it up the ass by Kassar, Golden and their crew for years, even after they threw him under the bus at least three times.

What a howdy doody Senator he was.

Anonymous said...

Storobin and Liam are drinking buddies so no surprise about Storobin insanity

Anonymous said...

David and Liam are both Jerry poodles. Jerry tipped his hand yesterday with Liam by defending him all over social media over the Ulrich and Nicole thing.

Anonymous said...

It is well known inside political circles that any friend of Ulrich is no friend of Malliotakis.