Wednesday, March 11, 2015

State Senator Marty Golden announces that “... The Bidding is Open...” when it comes to the NYS Minimum Wage

— What am I bid, what am I bid....?  Here’s your unions’ twenty thou... Do I here hear thirty from the merchants....?  Okay, twenty-five from the restaurants....   Back to the unions, thirty  — do I hear thirty....  Thirty it is to the little guy with the healthy cigar from health workers....  Cmon, do I see somebody for forty  —   Manufacturers ?   Developers ?   Nobody —  nobody....  There it is —  forty from the box stores; is that BJ’s or Costco’s  —  Okay, we’ll work that out some other time....  We’re at forty anybody for fifty ?  C’mon you restaurant and service unions, do something for your people....  Is that it... ?  Once...  Twice...  SOLD !

According to Nick Reisman’s report in NY State of Politics,  “Brooklyn Republican Sen. Marty Golden warned of dire consequences for small businesses if a minimum wage increase is approved this year, but he wouldn’t rule out blocking the measure from being included in the final budget deal [ yeah, it was tough for me to follow, as well]....” ( See “Golden Doesn’t Slam Door On Minimum Wage” by Nick Reisman, 3/11/15, NY State of Politics []).


“What you’re doing here is your diminishing small business and putting small business out of business and there’s less people working,” Golden said. “So at the end of the day, the results here is going to be the opposite effect. You’re going to have less people working than you have working.”

Somebody, cue the Aflac duck....


Anonymous said...

Marty Golden will probably be the 2017 GOP NYC mayoral candidate. He appeals to all voters in NYC and will win more than 90% of the vote in Staten Island, and especially in Southern Brooklyn. He's positioning for 2017 against De Blasio.

Galewyn Massey said...


Is it April 1st already ?

Anonymous said...

He appeals to all voters who still live in the 1950s. Who own catering halls.

Anonymous said...

It's the white hair.