Friday, September 7, 2018

Is Steve Bannon now trying to take down another liberal icon --- This time, liberal Catholic Pope Francis ???

In 2016, he did it all very well to that darling of left-wing feminazi-ism in America,  Hillary Rodham Clinton…..   Is Steve Bannon of Breitbart News and Donald Trump fame now setting his sights somewhat higher ???  ---  Does he really think that he can take out the sitting Pope of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Rome  ?????   OH,  AND A JESUIT,  TO BOOT…..

“The pontiff’s silence speaks volumes as powerful conservative Catholic clerics, some of them colluding with Steve Bannon, try to force his resignation.   

                                         --- The Daily Beast,  9/7/18

But,  if you think that "Daily Beast" is going to satisfy your curiosity about Bannon and/or any of his fellow conservative American Catholic co-conspirators, like Cardinal Raymond Burke  ---  guess again.....

This will give you a quick idea of the slant that “Daily Beast” writer,  Barbara Latza Nadeau,  intends to take:   “Not long after Pope Francis took office in March 2013, he ran into a wall. But it wasn’t the ancient Roman brickwork built around Vatican City. It was stronger. And it came from deep within the very church he was elected to lead. Every time he tried to introduce reforms, the wall was there. His foes were so strong he recently equated reforming the Catholic Church with ‘cleaning the Sphinx of Egypt with a toothbrush.’…   Still, Francis persevered, relying on his immediate popularity and innate charm, and soon the outside world began to look at the Catholic Church in a new, positive light under his guidance. Suddenly, it it was cool to be Catholic….   But the traditional conservatives within the church didn’t want to be cool, and while the new pope was hardly progressive by secular standards (he is still Catholic, after all), they preferred the cold [old] church, the one that protected them from the outside world behind layers of immovable doctrine….”  (See  “Sex, Lies and Papacies -- The Plot to Bring Down Pope Francis  by Barbar Latza Nadeau,   9/7/18,  The Daily Beast/  Home   []).

In case you missed it  ---  it’s CATHOLIC CONSERVATIVES,  who are the “Bad Guys” in this "Daily Beast" story

Ms. Nadeau then went on to drive her point home with this:   “It took five long years, but the conservative powers of the Catholic Church have finally begun to turn around the supertanker of support for the pope they seem to hate. And they did it using the one sin the whole church is guilty of: clerical sex abuse….   Francis cannot be blamed for mishandling the bulk of the church’s endemic sex abuse scandals, many of which have played out in dioceses that were run by those who would like to see him resign. There has been no major sex abuse scandal in his native Argentina—at least not yet—so his naysayers have had to pick a softer target….”   Then she talked about how Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’s  “letter” about Pope Francis’  kid glove treatment of Cardinal McCarrick had “blindsided” the sitting Pontiff,  “…  when it was released by a string of hand-picked conservative Catholic news outlets….”

The article in the “Daily Beast” went on to note that  ---  Francis was left speechless by the Viganò letter, and so he said nothing. In fact he told reporters on the flight back to Rome, he would never say anything, ‘not one word’ on Viganò’s accusations, and he has so far kept that promise….   Though Francis’ strategy of silence may have been meant to avoid dignifying Viganò’s claims with a response, it has mostly backfired because it was not a flat-out denial of the content of the letter. Conservatives have been able to sow seeds of uncertainty about Francis….   Viganò, who is quite possibly incognito somewhere in the United States since penning the poison letter, has been drip-feeding anti-Francis rhetoric through conservative websites and anti-Francis journalists  [including new material about admitted lies by the Vatican honchos clustered around Pope Francis.  And, t]hose close to Viganò say there is plenty more to come. 

And  ---  Here's  Where Steve Bannon Comes Into All of this…..

According to Barbara Latza Nadeau,   “…  [T]he plot continues to thicken. That’s especially true in the American Church, which has not only spawned one of Francis’s most fervent enemies in Cardinal Raymond Burke, who has found great support for his anti-Francis cause in American alt-right strategist Steve Bannon, but which has also given conservatives plenty of ammunition thanks to endemic clerical sex abuse and cover-ups that seemingly lead straight from the United States to Vatican City….   In particular, the damning Pennsylvania grand jury report that named more than 300 predator priests who victimized more than 1,000 children over seven decades in that state alone, produced one significant culprit: Cardinal Donald Wuerl. He is McCarrick’s successor as the archbishop of Washington, D.C. and he is a former ranking prelate in Pennsylvania, linking him to the two biggest scandals facing [Pope] Francis right now.” 

The Beast’s article sort of peters out at this point  ---  with little more to say about Bannon or the other Catholic Conservatives who are allegedly “conspiring" against Pope Francis.

However, there is a very worthwhile rundown of recent developments in the American Catholic Church’s ongoing pedophile priests scandal

According to the Daily Beast’s Barbara Nadeau,   “….   As the palace intrigue continues in Rome, what amounts to clerical abuse contagion continues in America as state after state start investigations into clerical sex abuse and Catholic cover-ups after the landmark report out of Pennsylvania. An investigation in Missouri, where Francis critic Cardinal Burke and [Pope] Francis supporter Cardinal Timothy Dolan, now the archbishop of New York, both served, is well underway and could be devastating for the American church. Bishop Accountability keeps a database of all reports of predator priests by state.  Missouri has 114 listings of serial abusers across four dioceses. There are also credible investigations of clerical sex abuse going on in Florida, Illinois and New York, not to mention a continuation of the Pennsylvania fallout where priests continue to be named and investigated.  On Thursday, the New York state attorney general subpoenaed all New York state dioceses for their secret records on abuse….”   

In closing, Nadeau also suggests that Cardinal Wuerl’s long-ago tendered retirement-resignation letter to Pope Francis might well be accepted by the Pope at any time,  hopefully to rid the Pope of a now-very-much-unwanted “albatross” continuing to hang around his Papal neck. 


Anonymous said...

Bannon didnt do much for grimm.

Anonymous said...

Bannon is a great at media. His influence is greatly exagerated.

Anonymous said...

The Pennsylvania AG and NY AG are both liberals. How did the conservative leadership get alligned with the pedophiles.

Anonymous said...

How did the pedophiles get alligned with the conservatives?

Anonymous said...

It was love at first sight for both of them.

Anonymous said...

The unreported scandals in most Catholic parishes and dioceses are financial ones not sexual, but the two are often related.

Galewyn Massey said...



Steve Bannon’s open feud with the current Pope, Francis, has been well documented; and that information was widely reported and/or commented upon when Bannon first joined the Trump White House as a top advisor to the President of the United States (See for example: “Steve Bannon v. Pope Francis” by E.J. Dione, 2/8/17, Washington Post/ Opinion []). In that piece, E.J. Dionne concluded with this: “Bannon is unlikely to want Trump to force American Catholics to choose between their president and their pope. But the battle is on to define the meaning of both Americanism and Catholicism. Bannon’s worldview could incite the same showdown in the church that he has already ignited in politics.”

And at the same time as Dionne’s opinion piece, there were several other reports specifically talking about Steve Bannon and his alliances with conservatives inside the Catholic Church like Cardinal Burke (See for example “Steve Bannon Aligns With Vatican Hard-Liners Who Oppose Pope Francis” by Sylvia Poggioli, 2/8/17, National Public Radio/ Politics & Policy/ All Things Considered []).

The New York Times also did at least two items on these topics; and the Independent and the Guardian covered them, as well.

Even the “Daily Beast” and Ms. Nadeau, whose recent article was mentioned in my main post above, did a far more documented article about Bannon, Cardinal Burke and others in an earlier piece that appeared in the “…Beast” earlier this year [under a slightly different byline] (See “Holy Hell – Steve Bannon, Cardinal Burke, Minister Salvini, and the Plot to Take Down Pope Francis” by Barbie Latza Nadeau, 6/20/18, The Daily Beast []).

Anonymous said...

Ever since bob took control of the reform party this has been the problem.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone waste time on petty issues like the Popes downfall or the collapse of the GOP when we havent resolved whether or not community board members will be subject to term limits?

Anonymous said...

Just nothing to say about term limits for the community board?

Sure gale. Now we all know that you are in on it.

Anonymous said...

Gale where do you come up with this stuff? Kassar emails. Bannon and the guy in the white dress. That must be some dossier in the archives.

Anonymous said...

Gail the silence on the burning community board issue is deafening. I'm not the only one who has noticed this.