Sunday, June 4, 2017

The pinhead of the day award goes to MSNBC’s Richard Liu

MSNBC host's  interview questioning of law enforcement expert suggested that the London Police might be overreacting to the London Bridge Terror attack

Based on a Daily Caller report,   in reaction to an MSNBC guest law enforcement expert, MSNBC program host Richard Liu said this:  “…   [T]here certainly is a risk of under reaction–but is there any risk of overreaction….   You know as we’ve been watching all of this live coverage…is there ever a point where you go, ‘well, that’s too much’ or ‘you shouldn’t be applying that amount of force there?'  “  

The guest expert,  Jim Cavanaugh,  quickly and firmly responded   “Well in the city that’s experiencing the attacks–multiple attacks–really I don’t think the response can be too large….”   (See  “MSNBC Host: Could London Police ‘Overreact’ To Terror? [VIDEO]”  by Amber Athey,  6/4/17,  Daily Caller/  Politics  []).  

Liu is a pinhead;  and the culture at CNN that treats people like Richard Liu as any kind of legitimate "journalist" is so overtly politically correct that  >>>  it has reached the point of caring more about the rights of those in the breeding grounds of the terrorists ( like the Muslim neighborhoods of East London) than those victimized or defending against the terrorists.

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