Tuesday, November 22, 2016

An impersonator with a very little voice that gets smaller and smaller

Impersonator Barbara Burke's political insights were so deluded and her efforts were so ineffectual in 2016 that she now needs to again borrow our independent Brooklyn GOP thunder and usurp Galewyn Massey's good name to cover for the complete fiasco for her side in the election that just passed.

All the Hillarybots are shri-i-i-i-i-inki-i-i-i-ing, just like the rest of their beloved Democratic Party --- Barbara Burke is no exception.

It's sad, so sad.......


Anonymous said...

Gail, as Donald Trump would say if you don't keep saying good things for and about him, "You are such a Llloooozzzzurr!"

But your cyber-stalker babe must be one real Sssoooopppurr Llloooozzzurr!

Anonymous said...

Enough dancing on Hillarys grave. The world needs to come together and focus on Capanos run for city council.

Anonymous said...

We will see who has the last laugh after Jill stein gets done with the recount.

We'll see