Monday, April 11, 2016

FOR PRESIDENT --- WELL, IT'S NOBODY ANYTIME SOON --- NYS Conservative Party looks like it will sit tight for now

In an interview with Newsmax:  Mike Long,  Statewide Chairman of the NYS Conservative Party, says there is no consensus among Conservative Party members and executives to support any of the leading GOP candidates

Long says the NYS Conservative Party won't select who will appear as the presidential candidate on Row "C" for some time ---  probably until September

What, if anything,  this means in the bigger picture is certainly open to some discussion  --- AND --- Why  Long and the Conservative Party are saying and doing this at this time is open to some necessary  and enjoyable gossip  ---  Even some real "muckraking" might be in order


Anonymous said...

Nothing strange about this. Why not wait till September

Nobody knows what will happen in Cleveland.

Galewyn Massey said...


The cite for the Newsmax article about Mike Long's interview with that internet magazine is as follows: "Trump Won't Get New York Conservative Party for Now, Chairman Says" by John Gizzi, 4/11/16, Newsmax [].

Anonymous said...

Kassar individually endorsed Rubio with Malliotakis so both of them are out:

"Another factor that drew Kassar to Rubio: electability. “As a party leader, I have to look at a candidate’s ability to win in November,” he said."

Poor Kassar is clueless.

Anonymous said...

The conservatives went for Rubio because they were booking positions on the payroll through Malliotakis. Once they realized it wasn't looking good they were running away faster than Obama headed for a golf game.

Anonymous said...

Mike Long never had a problem with things like a consensus by his members & executives before. Meaning this: when did Long ever care about something like that when he wanted to do something.

Like Kassar did before him, Mike Long personally could have endorsed whoever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Why didn't he? Probably two things combined, for once in a very long time Mike has no influence on a New York Republican Primary. And due to that, there have been no visits by Long's favorite candidates' representative, Mister Green.

Anonymous said...

Kasich will win NY