Thursday, September 10, 2015

Today is Primary Day --- GOP Races for County Committee in a few EDs in Brooklyn

"...  Is any body there - - - ?"   "... Does anybody care - - -?"

Little organization or interest shown by main factions of Brooklyn GOP

2015 GOP Primary appears to be pre- or anti-climactic to behind the scenes movements  

The Brooklyn GOP Organization backing County Chairman Craig Eaton has a strategy and plan involving the party rules, the use of proxies and the conduct of the upcoming 2015 GOP County Convention that the County leader is confident  he can implement to maintain his control and influence through 2015 and beyond. Unfortunately, I don't have a clue what that might be  ---  other than  ---   "... just like in 2013..."

Recently, when I asked County Chairman Eaton about a report that I had received that involved a phone call between State Senator Martin Golden and him,  the leader denied that any such call had been made.  Then in a cryptic way that only Mr. Eaton can master --- he acknowledged that someone had contacted him on behalf of Mr. Golden and said everything that I had mentioned.

The some and substance of that conversation was that Golden had enough delegates to take control of the Brooklyn Republican Party apparatus; and that Golden and Eaton should sit down to avoid any mistakes, of the sort that had happened at the convention before --- and so that Eaton could avoid embarrassment  

Eaton was emphatic that his answer was a simple,  "No thanks.... I've heard it all before...."

Eaton then went on to tell me that going into the convention of 2015, the various sides (and there are several more than two) are in approximately the same ratios as in 2013; and that like in 2013, Eaton had a plan to make moves with certain factions so as to maintain his county-wide majority. According to Craig Eaton, a few faces might change on the GOP County Executive Committee, but overall the lineups will be very similar to what's there right now.

Glenn Nocera's gambit generated little new [or old] interest, but one reported reaction was most telling. Those in the 46th AD LaGuardia organization felt betrayed -- and they recited their age old mantra, "It has to be Arnaldo...." as their alternative to Mr. Eaton's leadership.

Interestingly, if there is anything that both Eaton and Golden agree about, it is that it won't be Arnaldo running the Brooklyn GOP anytime soon.

BTW, one of the "mistakes" that SSMG supposedly wanted to avoid was any "deal" that would have resulted in the "possibilty" of Arnaldo Ferraro becoming the GOP County Leader. That possibility had been contemplated coming out of the 2013 County Convention; but according to Eaton, Mr. Ferraro just made that impossible by his repeated failures to participate with or attend the County Executive Committee. [What makes that odd is that I had heard about talks between the Goldens and the Ferraros earlier in 2015 -- but nobody close to either of those factions would ever confirm or deny that].


Anonymous said...

Wow !!!

Is it going to be on CNN?

Anonymous said...

This time Trump went to far with the Carly Fiorina face remarks. I'm not sayin it'll happen overnight, but its starting to get old.

Anonymous said...


It's been a very long time, but this post is a big nothing burger. You asked me about some of those rumors months ago, Nothing to them then and even less now.

Anonymous said...

The Conservative party in Staten Island took a hit yesterday

Anonymous said...

Joe Molinaro took the hit. If the Conservatives was a legitimate party, they'ed have gotten him out a long time ago. Another thing that shows Mike Long isn't as strong as some people think. Too many old men are running this "Party".

Anonymous said...

I'm on county committee and my vote goes to the nastiest son of a bitch of all, Glenn P. Nocera!