Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Strategic Parley --- OR --- Is it really a "Parlay" that's afoot --- Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump to meet up formally in NYC

Washington Post is first to report on scheduled Wednesday meeting between GOP contenders

Texas Senator Ted Cruz  will meet with fellow GOP presidential contender Donald Trump on Wednesday in New York City skyscraper called  the "Trump Tower"   ---    btw, that's  where Trump has HIS campaign headquarters 

Sudden mention of Trump-Cruz Ticket

According to a report in Breitbart News,  "[Ted] Cruz, the first Republican to declare a run for the presidency, will step onto Trump’s territory in Manhattan and is visiting Trump, not the other way around. As the Washington Post notes, the two candidates are on friendly terms and both take a strong, popular stand against mass illegal immigration...." (See "TRUMP/CRUZ SUMMIT IN MANHATTAN"  by Katie McHugh,  7/15/15,  Breitbart News  []).


The Breitbart-McHugh article went on to state,  "....   After the political class denounced Trump for pointing out that Mexico sends criminals, such as drug dealers and rapists, across the border, Cruz defended him....   'I salute Donald Trump for focusing on the need to address illegal immigration. The Washington cartel doesn’t want to address that,'   he told Meet The Press‘s Chuck Todd....    The Washington Post also spoke to several Republicans after both campaigns declined to comment.  Knowledgeable party members said the two see one another as 'fellow travelers,'  and Trump may use Cruz to help fend off attacks...."


This story was first report lated yesterday in the WaPo   ( See "Ted Cruz and Donald Trump to meet Wednesday in New York" by Robert Costa, 7/14/15, The Washington Post   []).

The Washington Post article also made this observation:   "....  The conclave is the latest sign of budding solidarity between the contenders, who have been friendly for several years and who have put forceful critiques of illegal immigration and their party’s establishment at the center of their bids....   In recent weeks, Cruz has defended remarks Trump made on immigrants over the past month that have drawn rebukes from leading Democrats and Republicans...."   "While other Republicans called Trump’s words 'offensive and inaccurate' (Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida) or   'extraordinarily ugly'  (former Florida governor Jeb Bush), Cruz praised Trump as someone who is 'terrific' and 'speaks the truth.'..."
And the Post quoted Trump as follows:   "Asked about Cruz in an interview over the weekend, Trump told The Washington Post, 'I really respect him for saying what he did.'...   Earlier this month on CNN, Trump said, 'I shouldn't say this because, I assume, he's an opponent, but the fact is he was very brave in coming out.'..."


Commenters to the article appearing on the Breitbart News blog were quick to mention and talk about the appeal of a Trump-Cruz ticket.


Anonymous said...

4 years ago at this time Michele Bachmann had better poll numbers than Trump.

Galewyn Massey said...


The dynamic of the GOP race for the nomination was completely different in 2011-2012. Bachmann never sucked up the air from most of the other Republicans running at the time, the way that Trump has this time.

It's still early in the competition. Trump has an unrealized upside in the polling. So far, his upward movement in the poles is media generated; that will probably disappear in due course.

A more important question is on the nits and bolts side: how much of an organization has Trump built; and how much money has he committed and /or spent on this campaign.

Anonymous said...

Yes the question is what kind of nuts and bolts organization is Trump really building. So far he has spent 1.4 milllion dollars. That is not someone setting up operations for a 50 state primary run. It looks like a stunt.

Anonymous said...

Does Trump need water for that thing on his head?