Sunday, May 4, 2014

Is Congressman Grimm really toast ? If so, WHAT KIND OF TOAST ?

Brooklyn’s Most Quoted  Republican Consultant says “GRIMM IS TOAST” 

Is Grimm “TOAST” as a fully supported GOP candidate, or “TOAST” as a Congressman, or BOTH

In the middle of the week, Staten Island’s leading political reporter Tom Wrobleski did a bit of “Point – Couner-point” between Democrat consultant Hank Scheinkopf and Republican consultant Jerry O’Brien. One of the oddities of the debate is that it was Scheinkopf, the Democrat, who was the one trying to sell the notion that Michael Grimm might readily survive the 20-count indictment and sweep to a re-election victory in his November election contest with Dominick Recchia (See “As GOP Rep. Michael Grimm looks to shore up Washington support, experts differ over impact of indictment” by Tom Wrobleski, 4/30/14, SI Advance [;|]). For his part, Mr. O’Brien was unequivocal  —   "It pretty much kills [Grimm]....  I think the tide has turned. This was a close race for him before the indictment. It's almost an impossible one now," O'Brien said.

Many Republicans in Brooklyn, most important being those residing in Grimm’s district, agree with Mr. O’Brien.

Based upon the formal notice of the upcoming Brooklyn GOP Executive Committee Meeting sent out by the Secretary of the Brooklyn GOP  [DATE:  Monday, May 5, 2014  ***  TIME:   7:00 PM *** PLACE:  Republican County H.Q.  (7620 17th Avenue)], the whole Grimm matter will be fully aired. Some advisers to Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton have argued that he needs to get in front of this by formally declaring his  >>> NON-SUPPORT <<< for Congressman Grimm going forward in 2014; and pressing for some methodology to substitute another candidate on the GOP line. A key Republican consultant doesn’t think that Eaton is there yet; and at least one wag who recently had discussed the matter with that consultant opined that  —  “Eaton never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity."

In any case, tomorrow’s Brooklyn GOP Executive Committee meeting will go a long way toward seeing whether GRIMM IS TOAST EVEN INSIDE THE GOP.

Arguments are also being made that Grimm is "TOAST" on a national and/or historical scale (See "Worst Week in Washington *** A weekly award honoring inhabitants of Planet Beltway *** Who had the worst week in Washington? Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.)." by By 5/2/14, Washington Post []). In giving Congressman Grimm this tongue-in-cheek "award,"  Chris Cillizza gave this as his testimonial to the congressman  —   "... for turning your congressional career into a future FBI case study, you had the worst week in Washington. Congrats, or something."

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Anonymous said...

Obrien isn't alone. Grimm is done. And there are several not so young republicans lacing up their dancing shoes.