Thursday, April 24, 2014

What does Hillary Clinton think is the low point of her tenure as Secretary of State ? Surprise ! HRC reasserts that she thinks it's Benghazi -- Benghazi -- Benghazi !

Remember when Democrats and MSM apologists for Obama and Clinton, and all things Democrat said that the only people who cared about Benghazi were Fox News and the GOP Chairmen of a couple of House committees ?  ---  Now, even after a few months from when she first mentioned it, Obama's former Secretary of State implies that things should have been done differently concerning Benghazi

In a recent video, Clinton was asked, “If you could change the outcome of any event that occurred while you were secretary of state, what would it be?”  Hillary is seen and heard to answer, “Oh, it would certainly be the attack on our facility in Benghazi and the loss of two State Department personnel and two CIA contractors from the terrorist attack, and the terrible consequences to that....”  (See "VIDEO — Hillary Clinton Says She Really Wishes She Could Change What Happened in Benghazi" by Bryan Preston, 4/24/14,  PJ Media/ The PJ Tatler [] with video of Clinton's statement).  Among several other criticisms, that article goes on to state:  "Clinton’s delivery is flat, without emotion, despite the fact that her department’s repeated rejections of requests to beef up security at the facility — which Clinton does not call a consulate anymore — played a starring role in the disaster. ***  Clinton does not acknowledge that she or any of her close associates got anything wrong...."

This is only the most recent iteration by the former Secretary of State and the 2016 presumptive presidential front-runner's revised sentiments on the subject of Benghazi (See,  eg., "Hillary Clinton: 'My Biggest Regret Is What Happened In Benghazi' " by  Mollie Reilly, 1/27/14,  The Huffington Post  [] with video of Clinton's comments).

It remains to be seen how HRC squares her more recent sensibilities about l'affaire Benghazi with her prior infamous formal rhetorical question to congressional questioners, "But what difference, at this point, does [ what had been first done and said about Benghazi] make?  However, her choosing to revisit the events of September 11, 2012, expressing her regret, certainly will prompt many questions as to exactly what it is that she regrets about all of it or any of it.

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Anonymous said...

She did her part to help her former boss get re-elected, now wants the job herself. Do not buy her non-apology,this is not over as long she ever attempts to harness any more political power she already got over the past overdue 20 years!